Sandra Crisp: hashtag_mandala_22

Sandra Crisp: hashtag_mandala22 (Kinetic Collage Project)

Kinetic Collage Project uses code via Processing open source software as a drawing tool and means to create both static and dynamic works. Output includes onscreen images, print-outs and a proposal for wall projections.

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Sandra Crisp (b. UK)  studied art Foundation at Chester College of Art. She earned a BA (Hons) Graphic Design/ Printmaking Leeds Polytechnic (1989) and MA Fine Art Printmaking Wimbledon School of Art (1993).

She has exhibited widely nationally and internationally and taught in various UK colleges. Prizes awarded for print include; Printmaking Today  (2013) Zenith (2005) Julian Trevelyan, Curwen & Printspace (2004)  RK Burt (1995) and Artichoke (1996).
Print and moving image projects have been included in the following screenings & exhibitions; (2014) ‘FILE!’ Electronic Language International Festival, Brazil (2013) APT Gallery, London,UK | Oriel Wrecsam, Wrexham, N. Wales | London Print Studio, London (2012) Kinetica Art Fair (2011) Moves11, Bluecoat, Liverpool, UK (2008) European Media Art Festival, Germany (2006) SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition for Computer and Interactive Techniques, USA.

Sandra’s digital practice can be described as ‘low-tech’, playful and experimental and includes; large-format digital printouts and various forms of moving image projects such as 3d animation, video, GIF and code-based projects using Processing – Borrowed online images, text and video are recycled and transformed over time forming new and complex outcomes.  Sandra lives and works in the UK.