A Question of Process + The LG Spring Newsletter

I have recently started a series of articles for The London Group newsletter called ‘A Question of process’, which will be archived on the LG website. It is a great pleasure and privilege to communicate with these artists about their fascinating, and unique process’ and look forward to sending out the next set of questions for the next issue!

Thanks to Angela Eames LG; James Faure Walker LG; Ece Clarke LG; Neil weerdmeester and Ade Adesina. And editor Nicola Schauerman, of course.

Presenting a contemporary snapshot of the huge variety of approaches, materials and processes employed by The London Group artists.

During current times, it seems even more important to focus and reflect upon making art. For this article, a selection of artists have been invited and also sent a question by Sandra Crisp LG to place their process and materials into the spotlight.

A Question of process

A Question of process

Or, view Spring 2021 issue of The London Group Newsletter HERE

Which includes the following articles:

Weaving in the Dark A collaborative audio-visual experiment by 32 London Group members and 2 hand-written computer programs.

Weaving in the Dark Artists: Clive Burton, Paul Bonomini, Stephen Carley, Sandra Crisp, Beverley Duckworth, Angela Eames, Eric Fong, Cadi Froehlich, Genetic Moo, Alexandra Harley, Chris Horner, Susan Haire, Julie Held, Martin Heron, Judith Jones, Jockel Liess, Amanda Loomes, Bethany Marett, Charlotte C Mortensson, Micheál O’Connell / MOCKSIM, Darren Nisbett, Michael Phillipson, Ian Parker, Sumi Perera, David Redfern, Tommy Seaward, Suzan Swale, Paul Tecklenberg, Almuth Tebbenhof, Carol Wyss, Erika Winstone and David Wiseman

generative visual mixer: Genetic Moo
generative sound system: Jockel Liess

Direct link the Weaving in the Dark in The LG online Gallery

The making of “Weaving in the Dark” Genetic Moo LG and Jockel Liess LG provide an insight into the computer programs that brought the numerous digital photos, video and sound clips together, creating an audiovisual Smörgåsbord.

Collections article – A selection of our collections

Photography and Ruination in the East End Mike Phillipson LG transports us to the East End of 1964 while reflecting on the consequence of capturing time.

Fleeting members Though many members consider themselves wedded to The London Group for life, for some it has been a more passing affair. The Group’s archivist David Redfern LG takes a look at these fleeting members.

And much more….