LG@KCC 2019

May 20 2019//

[vertitecture] trans_plane22′ 85 cm x 85 cm x 1 cm, ink on transparent acrylic/ perspex. Installed at ‘LG @ KCC 2019’ exhibition

Exhibition continues 17th – 23rd May

Open Monday & Wednesday 9.30am – 5.30pm.

Tuesday and Thursday 9.30am – 9.00pm

Kensington & Chelsea College

Hortensia Road

London SW10 0QS

Artists will be presenting talks on the 22nd from 6.00 – 8.00pm

This is a London Group exhibition  showing diverse work from a selection of members: Wendy Anderson, Clive Burton, Ece Clarke, Peter Clossick, Sandra Crisp, Tricia Gillman, Susan Haire, Alexandra Harley, Alexander Hinks, Gillian Ingham, Matthew Kolakowski, Graham Mileson, Kathleen Mullaniff, Eugene Palmer, Claire Parrish, Ian Parker, Sumi Perera, Alexander Ramsay, David Redfern, Tommy Seaward, Suzan Swale, Paul Tecklenberg,Bill Watson, Erika Winstone, David Wiseman.

‘Vertitecture’ Acrylic test-prints

April 17 2019//

This month I’ve been experimenting with test prints on acrylic for forthcoming London Group LG@KCC exhibition at Kensington & Chelsea College, Hortensia Road, London, May 2019. I will be showing a large image from recent Blender 3d Vertictecture series.

Images from Vertitecture series use complex 3d structures populated with visuals downloaded from online searches for disparate contemporary themes such as *fake news* *Ebay kitsch* *global protests*. They were also created using a combination of diffuse and transparent surface textures so I’m looking at how the resulting varied transparencies can work best with the clear acrylic media – The idea is to take the image off the screen to a medium that has screen-like qualities and exploits artificial light or daylight, and integrates that into the work.

Acrylic test-print A4 Size. This image was edited with mask gradients in image editing software before printing

The image will use a process called Direct to Media UV Printing.

Direct to Media UV Printing is a large format, full colour plus white, ultra-fine inkjet printing process which allows artwork to be printed directly on to virtually any flat surface up to 3m x 2m and up to 50mm in depth, or larger sizes using roll-to-roll printing, giving artists greater flexibility in the production of larger works. The nine colour channels are loaded with CMYK plus two light colours alongside white and a varnish and separate primer.

Ultra-fine droplets of ink are deposited directly on to the printing media which is then almost instantly cured, or dried by UV (ultraviolet) light. The specially developed ink droplets are bonded to the surface of your chosen media – giving you a smooth, stable, abrasion resistant and long-lasting image which is weather-resistant for up to five years.

Genesis Imaging, London

In the first test (above) I tried out various gradient masks in image editing software before printing in order to make selected areas more transparent. However, it turned out that the image files could be printed without editing and the full range of transparency variations reproduced perfectly as faithful to the original image (below)

From the test print results, I also noticed that there can be an interesting random unpredictability in that sometimes solid white areas of the image print as totally transparent, so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when the full-scale print is completed.

Acrylic test-print of 3 different images with varying transparency settings – A4 size

The final print will be 85 cm x 85 cm x 1 cm acrylic and mounted away from the wall by using wall posts to give the appearance of a suspended image.

LG@KCC exhibiting artists include: Wendy Anderson, Clive Burton, Ece Clarke, Peter Clossick, Sandra Crisp, Tricia Gillman, Susan Haire, Alexandra Harley, Alexander Hinks, Gillian Ingham, Matthew Kolakowski, Graham Mileson, Kathleen Mullaniff, Eugene Palmer, Claire Parrish, Ian Parker, Sumi Perera, Alexander Ramsay, David Redfern, Tommy Seaward, Suzan Swale, Paul Tecklenberg, Bill Watson, Erika Winstone, David Wiseman.

FILE Festival 2019

March 23 2019//

Very pleased to hear that 3 recent animated ‘Fuzzy GIFs’ [1280 x 720 pixels] street_view.GIF, city.GIF and fuzzy_phone.GIF have been selected for FILE Festival, Brazil 2019.

The event will take place at the SESI Gallery of Art, in Sao Paulo city June 26 to August 11, 2019. The GIF online program will be launched during the exhibition opening, on June 25.


Fragments of borrowed online visuals are collaged together and explore the limits of motion, transparency, compression & pattern dither texturing. Google Street View visuals and a large fuzzy mobile phone alongside web graphics, for example are layered/ compressed together and animated across an 8-frame timeline [1280 x 720 pixels].

In The Dark: The Cello Factory

January 22 2019//

It was a real pleasure to have work in this diverse exhibition featuring work from The London Group, Lumen Prize and CAS (Computer Arts Society) which attracted 600 visitors

Here are some photos of In The Dark The Cello Factory, Jan 17-19 2019

Photo credits: The artist, The London Group

TWITTERSTORM Live Twitter-feed artwork – In The Dark Exhibition

January 21 2019//

Video of  TWITTERSTORM by Sandra Crisp – A dynamic code-based projection incorporating live Twitter-feed on the ceiling of The Cello Factory during ‘In the Dark‘ exhibition,  London, January 2019.

The Twitter live-feed (viewed as a horizontal banner of scrolling white text) connects to Twitter API and downloads tweets that use specific hashtags including: #brexit #trump #fakenews #cat #banana #topNews #onThisday

Visitors to the exhibition could also use the Twitter hashtag #cellonews to interact with the work via Twitter.

Twitterstorm is loosely based on artist Jenny Holzer’s Truisms

Viewed in the modern day, Truisms reads like an insistent, torrential Twitter feed.

Sandra Crisp – live twitter feed projection

(Many thanks to Tim for help with the coding and Nicola for the photo & video)

In The Dark

December 29 2018//

Delighted to be included in this great show alongside some fantastic artists:


17 , 18 & 19 January (2-6pm) 2019

PV Thursday 17th 6-8pm

The Cello Factory, 33-34 Cornwall Road, London SE1 8TJ

The show is on for 3 days only, with a performance led PV night, followed by a day of workshops, talks and music.

The London Group plunges into the darkness of a blacked out Cello Factory in its latest daring show.

This short experimental show combines The London Group, the Computer Arts Society and Lumen Prize. All the artworks generate their own light with interlinking projections turning the whole exhibition into an installation.

CAS are displaying networked Raspberry Pi’s and flat screen monitors embedded in light boxes. Lumen Prize have commissioned winning student artist Ziwei Wu to make a furry installation.

Several works touch on the idea of death or decay; dying planets, forensic and x-ray photographs, Memento Mori’s for TV. Do these grim pieces reflect the current mood or are they natural responses to the call In the Dark? Vorticist glow worms and twitter storms will create a dynamic and apocalyptical firmament.

Genetic Moo/ The London Group+

Full list of artists involved : The London Group : Genetic Moo, Susan Haire, Suzan Swale, Tommy Seaward, Cadi Froehlich, Jockel Liess, Paul Tecklenberg, Clive Burton, Angela Eames, Almuth Tebbenhof, Bryan Benge, Stephen Carley, Sandra Crisp, Erika Winstone, Ian Parker, Amanda Loomes, Eric Fong, David Theobald Computer Arts Society : Nick Lambert, Paul Brown, Sean Clark, Ernest Edmonds, boredomresearch, Andy Lomas, Esther Rollinson. Lumen Prize : Ziwei Wu + Matteo Zamagni, Grayson Cooke, boredomresearch, Mike Pelletier, Francois-Xavier de Costerd, Universal Everything, Lukas Marxt. Performers : Fay Burnett, Birgitta Hosea & Fanny Cox

For more details visit: Website : http://www.thelondongroup.com/in-the-dark  

Visions Opening

November 30 2018//

Quick photo of my video ‘remote city [skygardens_towers]’ from Vision in the Nunnery, Bow Arts opening last night. Exhibition continues to 16th December.
More info HERE

The London Group Annual 2018

November 14 2018//

Sandra Crisp: hashtag_mandala_2 Direct print to media on perspex 70 x 70 cm

One of my direct-to-media prints on perspex ‘hashtag_mandala_2’ from Kinetic Collage series will be included in The London Group Annual Exhibition  alongside diverse work from 50+ LG members. 

Painting, photography and other 2D media, sculpture and digital works will be hosted by The Cello Factory at Waterloo from the 5th to the 14th of December, and members will be presenting talks on selected works on the 14th from 6-8pm.

Open from 2-6pm daily

The Cello Factory, 33-34, Cornwall Road, London, SE1 8TJ

Special Event: 14 December 6-8pm Members will be presenting talks on selected works.

‘The London Group, founded in 1913, was formed of an enlarged Camden Town Group, the English Vorticists and other independent artists. Founder members included Wyndham Lewis, Sickert, Bomberg, Gaudier- Brzeska and Epstein who coined The London Group name. Unusually for its time it had women members – from its inception. The Group has shown at least once a year throughout its existence, including during both World Wars and this is our ninth exhibition this year – a record for the Group. We are described by Michael Strain (Art UK, Dec. 2017) as ‘A group of quality and great diversity. Most of the great British artists for more than 100 years have been members’.


The London Group website

31st Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques

October 04 2018//

perpetual browse_r will be included in 31st Festival Les Instants Vidéo, November 21 – 26 2018, VideoBardo, Festival VideoPoesia, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

‘VideoBardo is a collective of poetry and independent art founded in 1996 that aims to disseminate, research and theoretical debate on the language of Videopoetry. We define video poetry as a genre within contemporary art of a hybrid and transdisciplinary nature related to experimental poetry, video art and new technologies. VideoBardo is one of the most important international archives in this genre.’

VideoBardo website HERE

Uncommon Natures – Phoenix Brighton

September 12 2018//

Sandra’s Video perpetual browse_r is included in ‘Uncommon Natures exhibition at Phoenix Brighton, UK.

perpetual browse_r at Uncommon Natures, Phoenix Brighton 2018

Details: 14 – 23 September 2018

Open daily 11 am – 5 pm,

10–14 Waterloo Place Brighton, BN2 9NB East Sussex

‘Uncommon Natures’, Brighton Digital Festival’s flagship exhibition has been curated by festival director Laurence Hill from works shortlisted for this year’s Lumen Prize for Digital Art competition.

The exhibition highlights the most compelling and creative explorations into digital art. The works explore both the limits and re-imagined possibilities of technologically produced art through a diverse programme of still image, 3D interactive installations, moving image, AR/VR and AI.

Exhibiting artists: Sandra Crisp, Nye Thompson, ACCI BABA, Maeve Rendle, Jason Rouse, Jake Elwes and Karolina Ziulkoski, Cesar and Lois (League of Imaginary Scientists), Irina Zadorozhnaia and Mark Lyons.