September 24 2015//

Auroville Dream (Tales From the City) will be included in Simultan Festival 2015 ‘Talking to Strangers’, Romania:


Simultan Festival performance

What would Voyager 3 contain if it would be re-launched today, after 38 years? In 1977, an information package was launched into space, a symbolical selection for the human civilization, launched with the intention to be intercepted or discovered by an alien civilization. A sort of “hello” from the humans, a way of saying “we are here”.
Today, maybe, such a package would contain microchips, texts with smiley faces at a correct decoding. We would probably brag about the invention of a virtual communication system, about our intelligent control systems? Our self-control or the controlling of others. We might also include some e-books about the human nature, on micro-sd cards, because we also advanced our knowledge in the field of psychoanalysis. Why wouldn’t we send a picture of Osama or of other terrorists that we cannot find, maybe they would help us with that.
Maybe we could simply send a cry for help, in the hope that in the thousand years that would take them to discover it, there would still be a chance for a few of us to be saved. Or Voyager 3 could be a new Noah’s ark, a capsule of DNA for a possible reconstruction.

Simultan festival

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Source: SIMULTAN 2015 / TALKING TO STRANGERS | media art / exploratory music and sound

Sluice__ screens, London

September 03 2015//

Auroville Dream (Tales From the City) has been shortlisted for the #Sluice_Screens #ɔcprize London

The Sluice_screens ↄc Prize is dedicated to the promotion of artists’ working within the digital realm. The ↄc Prize takes the form of a free to enter open submission award.

The Sluice_screens ↄc Prize
  • Budhaditya Chattopadhyay
  • Dennis and Debbie Club
  • Declan Colquitt
  • Inez do Coo
  • Sandra Crisp
  • Aurele Ferrier
  • Tessa Garland
  • Caitlin Griffiths
  • Lawrence Lek
  • Amy Lunn

On Sept 12 one of the shortlisted artists (above) will be selected to exhibit at Sluice_2015 – Bargehouse, Oxo Tower wharf, Southwark as part of the Sluice_screens programme and will receive £500. All ten artists will subsequently be exhibited at The Hospital Club in London’s Covent Garden.


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Altered States, St Leonards, UK

September 01 2015//

A few photos from Altered States video installation as part of Coastal Currents Festival this year, Electro Studios, St Leonards UK.

Thanks to Toby Tatum and Mark French who curated and presented a great diversity of moving image work as large-screen, pin-sharp HD projections.

It was a pleasure to take part with my video Auroville Dream (Tales From the City)

Altered States [Coastal Currents]

August 12 2015//

Very pleased that recent video work Auroville Dream (Tales From the City) has been selected for Altered States curated by Toby Tatum and Mark French as part of this year’s Coastal Currents Festival Hastings & St Leonards, UK.

Altered States is an immersive multi-screen show of the latest experimental film and video work curated by the Hastings-based filmmakers Toby Tatum and Mark French. Altered States features moving image by over seventy of the most fascinating international moving image practitioners working today, much of it unseen in the UK.

This exhibition includes the fruits of a worldwide search for works that articulate film’s power to initiate heightened states of consciousness, transporting us across the threshold into a mind-expanding visionary state. The programme features a selection of cutting edge films that imaginatively reshape the base materials of the everyday world into something rich and strange.

Tobt Tatum

Venues and dates:Electro Studios, Seaside Road, West St Leonards, TN38 0AL, UKSat 29 August from 6pm – 10pm
Sun 30 August from 2pm – 6pm

Sat 29 August from 6pm – 10pm
Sun 30 August from 2pm – 6pm 

Featured artists:Michael Woods, Sandra Crisp, Atoosa Pour Hosseini, Diego Barrera, Ellen Wetmore, Maximilian Le Cain, Ema Čulík, Duncan Reekie, Helga Fannon, Alex Carmichael, Helena G M, Leslie Supnet, Juliette Liautaud, Patrick Rowan, Theo Tagholm, Sandra Bouguerch, Philip Sanderson, Guli Silberstein, Lucinda Wells, Shaun Blezard, Sirin Bahar Demirel, Maria Nino, Grant Petrey, Mike Stolz, Alex Dickson & Greg Adsley, Eden Mitsenmacher, Tessa Garland, Joseph Curran, Anita Spooner, David Ian Bickley, Laura Focarazzo, David Asher Brook, Jeannette Louie, Laurel Beckman, Josh Weissbach, Stephen Broomer, Dalia Huerta Cano, Andrew Littlejohn, Joel Cahen, Peter Rose, Helen Flanagan, Juan David Gonzalez Monroy, Enrique Piñuel, Stuart Pound, John Davis, Alex Hovet, Joe Banks (Disinformation), Ben Barton, Michael Fleming, Margarida Sardinha, Richard Ashrowan, Brice Bowman, Demian Skogr, Zachary Finkelstein, Asha Tamirisa, Nicholas Bunch, Gabriel Rud, Hans Lucas, Alisa Berger, Mirjam Bromundt, Pako Quijada, Josh Yates, Harold Charre, Evguenia Men, Michael Betancourt, Jason Bernagozzi, Mark Street, Chiara Ambrosia, Rui Hu, Kera MacKenzie, Caryn Cline, ana b. & nuno m. pereira, Callum Costello.

  For more information visit Coastal Currents website HERE

View ‘Auroville Dream (Tales From the City)’ HERE

Shortwave Cinema, Bermondsey Art Trail

July 07 2015//

I’ll be screening new video Auroville Dream (Tales From the City) for the first time in London at Shortwave Cinema as part of the Bermondsey Art Trail

Shortwave Cinema, 10 Bermondsey Square, London SE1 3UN

Saturday  11th July 2015, 1- 3 pm

Join the Bermondsey Art Trail –Simply turn up and take advantage of our guided tours who will show you some of Bermondsey’s hidden gems, with informal talks by artists and curator’s, plus some exciting short art film screenings & live bands.

Bermondsey art trail map 2015

Tour 1 @ 10.30am
Tour 2 @ 11.30am
Tanner & Co.
3-4 mins walk from London Bridge Station

Common Bodies, East Street Arts, Leeds, West Yorks.

June 15 2015//

Two of my looping Kinteic Collage videos 102 avatars#2 and hashtag_mandala_2 have been selected for an interesting new exhibition entitled Common Bodies, East Street Arts, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.

East Street Arts is proud to present ‘Common Bodies’, an immersive exhibition of new and existing video works by over 30 artists drawn from an international open call.

Dates & Times:
Friday 19th – Thursday 25th June 2015
Tue – Thu (10am – 5pm) Sat (1pm – 5pm)

Venue: East Street Arts Project Space
Patrick Studios, St Mary’s Lane, Leeds, LS9 7EH

Curated and produced by artist Tom McGinn, the exhibition examines the tensions and (dis-) continuities between video and sculpture, and the varying demands they make of their audiences.

Drawing comparisons to our daily, collective engagement with both the virtual and the physical, many of the works in the show foreground the material importance of the screen, as a device for communicating lived, bodily experience, and as a site for the sharing of knowledge via the ‘common’ language of images.

Now and After Festival

January 30 2015//

Tales From the City (1 minute)  video has been selected to be screened as part of the VideoBabel’s Architectural Space program at  Now & After festival 2015

Image Credit: Now & After)

The fifth edition of the Festival will take place at the Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow, Russia, April 21 –  June 21, 2015. Space is a philisophical category as well as our everyday routhine and the basic concept of architecture. Artists turn to the architecture of the present, projects of the future and runins of the past. They explore a space that exists in the relationship with time and a space as an expansion and dimension; personal space and the space of the ‘other’.

Program catalogue

 This year the festival has received 1046 applications from 67 countries.

View full .PDF – Now and After cataloge HERE

Kinetic collage printouts

December 27 2014//

Here is a selection of test A4 printouts of images from Kinetic Collage project via my desktop printer plus 1 x A3 archival on Somerset paper. I’m testing out how large the images can go as each image has varying resolution.

Sandra Crisp: Inkjet prints of various sizes upto approx 80 x 80 cm

kinetic_array3: Printing in progress with A3 archival desktop printer

Sandra Crisp: A4 & A3 printouts, Kinetic Collage project

Sandra Crisp: Kinetic_Array_3, ink jet print Size: A3+ (330mm x 483 mm) Somerset

Enhanced (Velvet) 100% cotton archival paper

FILE 2014 Catalogue

December 15 2014//

Hello World

A quick blog, as I haven’t posted for some time…

I have Just received a very nice catalogue for FILE Electronic Language International Festival 2014 in the post. A big thank you to the nice people from FILE for taking the time to do this

Tales From the City (1 minute) was selected for this year’s FILE Video Art, São Paulo, Brazil 2014

Double page spread from FILE festival catalogue with my work pictured bottom left.

The full FILE  online .PDF catalogue can be downloaded via a link on this page HERE

I have just started work on a second, extended version of this video work in which will continue to explore 3d modelling and the city explored via memory, real and digital space.

FILE website HERE