>>Rewind|Hastings|Coastal Currents

October 04 2013//

Really pleased that I made the trip down to Hastings for <<Rewind, where Oceanics, alongside a selection of other screen-based work was displayed in Underground’s dark basement on 35 Robertson Street.

Oceanics was was projected directly onto the wall of a small, darkened side-room with 2 wooden armchairs: The walls coated with blackboard paint gave the work a more luminous quality than the more usual white-wall gallery/ screening space.

Sandra Crisp

<<Rewind brings underground’s recent outdoor projects inside to present a series of video and sound installations in the unique underground project space for Coastal Currents 2013. The work on show reflects the artists’ concerns with a discordant world characterised by conflicts between the natural world and technology, burgeoning dystopias and explorations into the slippery gaps between things. As a continuation of Underground’s….

Sharon Howard

….End of the World projects started in 2012, <<rewind offers audience the chance to once more step into their dark basement, to experience a range of  shadowy and disconcerting episodes. The inspiration for these projects comes from numerous sources including the work of Angela Carter, William Gibson, Jean Luc Goddard, William Burroughs, JB Ballard the Golden Age of TV and our ever expanding dependence on the digital technology.”

(Text by Sharon Howard)

>>RewindSharon Howard, Sandra Crisp, Rachel Finney, Sarah Locke, Emma Jex, Sebastien Seynaeve, Lucinda Wells.
Including a selection from Sussex Coast College current/ x-students. Shammi Begum, Izabela Montoya, Lucy Dixon,Rosie Howard

Ipswich Art School Gallery

Septemember 24 2013//

The final exhibition in the year-long 4 x venue This ‘me’ of Mine ACE funded tour has opened at Ipswich Art School Gallery, Colchester & Ipswich Museum Service, Ipswich, Suffolk. The show will continue until January 5, 2014.

The gallery is housed within a Victorian purpose-built art school that serves mainly as an exhibition space today, alongside education programmes and workshops. There are are numerous rooms leading from the striking, octagonal, light-filled atrium and entrance, with more exhibition spaces connected to the upper balcony.  Lined with exposed water pipes, the glass roof is both a functional and beautiful structure.

On the afternoon of the opening September 21 (2 – 5pm) it was really great to eventually meet co-exhibiting artists who I had been in contact with on social media but not actually met in person, including David Riley, Gary Mansfield, Annabel Dover and Suzanne de Emmony.

Artworks by Sandra Crisp in the exhibition Left: Tales from the City (1 minute) video Right: The Bigger Picture Large-format digital print. Out of frame, to the right, Zoetrop_motion video is projected onto the lower section of the same wall.

I am exhibiting The Bigger Picture large-formatdigital print and 2 short moving image works: Tales From the City (1 minute) and Zoetrop_Motion both on continual loop in one of the ground floor exhibition room. (photo above)

Exhibiting the moving image work in juxtaposition with other wall-based artworks, such as painting and mixed media by other artists, presented the opportunity to re evaluate how the work is received differently when compared to a more traditional darkened, sit-down, cinema-style screening. Rather than being set aside in a separate room, the moving images now relate to nearby works in quite unexpected but positive ways in terms of colour, composition & concept.

Thanks to in-house technician Darren for performing a magic trick with the projectors so that my films looked really sharp, not displaying the usual DVD fuzzy compression symptoms which my work usually succumbs to. I must remember this for the next time as it makes such a difference to the image quality. (Which wires, where?!)

‘Hello World’, a short Vine video of  the work being installed at Ipswich can be found here


We were really pleased to have Enigma interactive project ready for the show after a relatively short development time, thanks to Luis’ expert programming skills. Also to Visual Planet, Cambridge for their kind support in terms of sponsorship of the touch-screen.

Self portrait with Enigmaavatar-generating artwork – A Collaboration between Sandra Crisp, Luis Marques and Jane Boyer

How it works:

(1) The viewer creates gestures on the screen by using direct touch

(2) Clicks ‘create avatar’ button 

(3) Each avatar will then be archived and become visible on the surface of a rotating 3D sphere 

(4) The sphere will eventually become richly textured with different avatars generated by visitor interaction and will be searchable by rotating and selecting avatars.  However, once the sphere is filled with 100 avatars, it will return to a blank state, beginning the process again.

(Photo Credit: David Riley) Interacting on the touch screen: Jane Boyer (left) and Sandra Crisp (right) Children from a workshop held at the gallery really enjoyed drawing on the screen and created great avatars for the sphere.

Sandra Crisp: Texture brush sample – Enigma incorporates brush samples/ textures that can be used to draw on the touch-screen, sampled via a menu of interactive thumbnails.

Luis, testing, testing….

Luis Marques, our creative programmer creating his own Enigma avatar

Exhibiting artists are: Aly Helyer, Edd Pearman, Cathy Lomax, Darren Nixon, Hayley Harrison, Melanie Titmuss, Annabel Dover, Kate Murdoch, David Minton, Anthony Boswell, David Riley, Sandra Crisp, Sarah Hervey, Shireen Qureshi, and Jane Boyer.

Guest Artists are: Kai-Oi Jay Yung, Gary Mansfield, Molly Behagg, Andrew Litten, Suzanne de Emmony, Helen Scalway, Lisa Snook, Jacqueline Utley, Edward Chell and Kate Elliott.

Sharon Howard’s Screening Event: Rewind>>

Septemember 14 2013//

I very happy to be invited by Sharon Howard to show my video Oceanics in her forthcoming event 

<<rewind at UndergroundProjectSpace

Friday 27 & Saturday 28 September 6 – 9 pm

 35 Robertson Street, Hastings, TN34 1HT

Underground takes place an artist-led project space in the UK seaside town of Hastings and will be part of the well-known Coastal Current festival.

All welcome, do stop by for drinks and nibbles if you are in the area!

Portobello Film Festival, August – September 2013

August 19 2013//

As part of the Portobello Film Festival this year, West London-based film-maker Constantine Gras will be presenting West Ten Fade Out, a curated programme of 11 films exploring the urban environment of North Kensington.

Sandra Crisp’s moving image project  Mapping London’s Subterranean Rivers will be included in the programme at the Louise Blouin Foundation 3 Olaf Street London, W11 4BE

From canal to subterranean rivers, carnivalesque collage to historical reflections – Films by Sandra Crisp, Dee Harding, Colin Legge, Pat Naldi, NewRedHouse, Helen Petts, RandL and Rickster Includes a trilogy of short films by Constantine Gras: Flood Light, Home and Nursery.

Event Details

Wednesday 28th August – Sunday 1st September 

Artist talk by Constantine Gras and Q & A with the filmmakers: Saturday 31 August, 2-3pm

This programme is kindly suppord by an RBKC Arts Grant

Full screening programme: West Ten Fade Out

Full Portobello Film Festival programme: Portobello programme2013 (1)

londonprintstudio’s Members Summer Exhibition

June 22 2013//

Sandra will be showing a large format print 5Ways to Save the World at the Members Summer Exhibition, LondonPrintStudio Harrow Road, London

Sandra Crisp: 5 Ways[To Save the World] 2010
Large Format Ink Jet Print
110 cm x 110 cm

Event Details
Opening Party Thursday 4th July 2013 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Exhibition runs from Friday 5th July  –  Saturday 31st August 2013 Admission Free
Tuesday – Saturday 10.30am – 5.30pm ing at my print in the window of London Print Studio:)

Forty artists are showing work, ranging from emerging artists to established names. Work was selected by Murray Macaulay, Director of Christie’s Multiplied Art Fair. Murray selected forty prints from more than 100 submissions.

Artists:Margaret Ashman, Jonathan Ashworth, Sara Beazley, Guy Bennington, Jackie Biddulph, Alex Brady, Sandra Crisp, Elizabeth Duncan-Meyer, Jessica Greenman, Clare Grossman, Caro Halford, Iasonas Kampanis, Jennifer Jokhoo, Pierre Julien, Matt Kelly, Roberta Kravitz, Ricky Leaver, Vivien Lodge, John McAulay, Asma Mahmoud Hashmi, William Martin, Alexander Massouras, Georgie McAusland, Vincent McEvoy, Janet Milner, Henrietta Molinaro, Rosie Montford, Eileen Murray, Elena Ortiz, Bronwen Paterson, Sumi Perera, John Phillips, Lorna Scobie, Charlotte Steel, Maaike Anne Stevens, Nicola Styan, Chisato Tambayashi, Jade They, Sally Titterington, Beryl Touchard, and Nicole Vinokur.



This is artist Constantine Gras’ drawing of himself, Sandra Crisp and Dee Harding Looking at my print in the window of London Print Studio at the private view :)

Digital Printing: Five Ways to Save the World

June 07 2013//

Just posting a quick photo showing Five Ways to Save the World archival digital print 110 cm x 110 cm slowly emerging from the large format printer in the digital studio at London Print Studio Harrow Road, London.

The image uses the entire width of a roll Somerset Velvet 330 gsm printing paper and took about an hour to print. The paper has a slight texture lifting the density of tone and colour and at the same time saturating the surface with the layered detail embedded in the digital file.

The print will be exhibited in the forthcoming Members Summer Exhibition at LondonPrintStudio

Thanks to Constantina in the digital studio at London Print Studio for really helpful advice regarding choosing the right paper and for taking this picture.

Printmaking Today Award

April 24 2013//

Some great news! I have just heard that I’ve been awarded the Printmaking Today prize for a large-format inkjet print at Print International exhibition 2013, Oriel Wrecsam, Wrecsam, North Wales.

The prize was awarded for [Imprint] Soft_Terrain (inverted)
Ink jet print 110 cm x 110 cm

[Imprint] Soft_Terrain (inverted)
Ink jet print 110 cm x 110 cm

I look forward to my work and text being included in the Printmaking Today’s Artists’ Eye column, Spring 2014 issue.

Printmaking Today website Here

Printmaking Today was first published in 1990 by Rosemary Simmons. From 1994 to 2000 it was published by Farrand Press. Printmaking Today is the authorized Journal of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers.

Print International Opening at Oriel Wrecsam

April 18 2013//

On Saturday 14 April I travelled to the opening of Print International 2013 exhibition at Oriel Wrecsam, North Wales. Really pleased to have 3 of my digital prints selected for exhibition alongside around 40 international artists working in a diverse range of print media including: Etching, lithography, woodcut, mezzotint, screenprint, Ceramic, monoprint, various mixed media, lazer cut and installation.

Print International 2013 launched Creative International, a month of art activities in Wrexham that will run until Saturday 11 May. The exhibition is being held across 2 venues: Oriel Wrecsam gallery and Memorial gallery in nearby Yale College.

The exhibition included series of work ranging from 3 to 6 pieces from each artist in order to show continuity within the work.

Interesting to see The Bigger Picture exhibited in an entirely different context to This ‘Me’ of Mine at APT gallery,  London last month. Print International is a survey of contemporary printmaking rather than being based on any particular theme; work with very different intentions were displayed side by side. Whilst in ‘This ‘Me’ of Mine’ APT the curatorial theme of  ‘self in relation to context’ connected my work to others in quite a different way.

In Memorial gallery Wrexham, many of the works used black and white media – bringing different works together graphically rather than by concept: My prints were connected to others by exploration of print media rather than by curatorial concept- It’s interesting as an artist to view (own) work in these different contexts. Each undoubtedly altering the reception of the work.

Sandra Crisp – large format digital prints
Sandra Crisp: Opening day at Print International 2013; Oriel Wrecsam, N. Wales

I enjoyed a very friendly and lively opening and it was also great to unexpectedly met up with fellow artist Heather Upton and her husband who I had not seen for some time since teaching at Kensington and Chelsea College, London.

Also lovely to meet Pam Newall on the day and have a quick chat about silkscreen printing and etching. I had seen  Pam’s work previously on Axis web website and also on Twitter –  great to meet artists and see their work in reality rather than just virtually.

In fact, I was so busy talking that I forgot to pick up my exhibition catalogues before the event closed for the evening. Thanks to Oriel Wrecsam for kindly posting these on to me. Just received…..

Sandra Crisp‘s large format digital prints: Soft Terrain (Inverted), 2012. 5Ways Filmstrip 4, 2012 and The Bigger Picture, 2010.
Print International catalogue with Pam Newall‘s screenprints (top of image) Urban 03, 2011. Urban 05 2011 and Urban 04, 2011
Heather Upton‘s waterless lithographs: Secret MapEternal Dust and Voyage

Print International included the following artists selected by Professor David Ferry RE FRSA:

John Abell, Michael Agnew & David Blyth, Amanda Agyei, Duncan Bullen, Cardiff Sessions with Bruce McLean, Cardiff Sessions with David Ferry, Cardiff Sessions with John Gibbons, Frances Carlie, Bill Chambers, Sandra Crisp, Paul Croft, Alexe Dilworth, Morgan Doyle, Ruth Gibson, Jo Gorner, James Green, Graham Hall, Yuji Hiratsuka, Linda Kosciewicz-Flemming, Peter Lloyd, Arabella Marsh-Hilfiker, Thomas Martin, Nan Mulder, Stephen Mumberson, Pam Newall, Sarah Robinson, Sander Schoonbeek, Kara Seaman, Giske Sigmundstad, Serena Smith, Eric Storey, Dionne Swift, Heather Upton, Gini Wade, Florence Walkey, Pete Williams, Roy Willingham, Christina Wrege, Josee Wuyts & Frans de Groot.

Print International 2013 13 April – 8 June

Opening Saturday 13 April 2pm

Oriel Wrecsam Rhosddu Road, Wrexham LL11 1AU. 01978 292093. Monday  – Friday 9:30 – 6:45. Saturday 9:30 – 4

Memorial Gallery Yale College, Grove Park Road, Wrexham LL12 7AB. 01978 317329. Monday  – Friday 10 – 12 & 1:30 – 4:30. Term time only or by appointment.

The exhibition continues until 8th June and more information can be found on previous blog post: HERE

This ‘Me’ of Mine’ at APT Gallery

March 25 2013//

Here are some gallery shots and private view photos from This ‘Me’ of Mine exhibition at APT Gallery, Deptford,  London 14 – 31 March 2013

Jane Boyer and a small team of artists have succeeded in hanging the exhibition in an innovative way that connects these quite different art works together very well: Each piece exists in it’s own generous space, however, all the work connects together well in the overall gallery space due to Jane Boyer’s clear vision for the exhibition theme- The work all shares a common thread of  identity.

Media includes painting, drawing, digital print, 3D assemblage and a code-drive screen-based work.

Sandra Crisp: The Bigger Picture Archival digital print 110 cm x 110 cm – Installation view @
This ‘Me’ of Mine, APT Gallery

This ‘Me’ of Mine exhibition includes work by: Aly Helyer, Edd Pearman, Darren Nixon, Hayley Harrison, Melanie Titmuss, Annabel Dover, Kate Murdoch, David Minton, Anthony Boswell, David Riley, Sandra Crisp, Sarah Hervey, Shireen Qureshi, Cathy Lomax, and Jane Boyer.All images: ©A.Borgerth ©Marion Piper ©JPickering ©Sandra Crisp ©Jane Boyer.

Many thanks to Jane who has worked very hard on the project in advance of the opening, conducting interviews, applying for venues and eventually securing funding from both Arts Council England.

Exhibition continues APT GalleryHaroldWharf, 6 Creekside, Deptford, London SE8 4SA.14 – 31 March 2013 Wed to Sun 12 to 5 pm Tel: 020 8694 8344South London Art Map 29 March, 12 to 8:30 pm

Oriel Wrecsam – International Print 2013

February 13 2013//

Three of Sandra’s large format prints 5Ways Filmstrip4, The Bigger Picture and Imprint, Soft Terrain (inverted) have been selected for Seventh Print International 2013 open exhibition at Oriel Wrecsam Gallery and Yale College in Wales, April – 8 June 2013. A partnership project run with the Memorial Gallery, Yale College, Wrexham.

Opening Event: 2 – 4 pm Saturday 13 April 2013

I’m really looking forward to taking these images off the screen and onto paper for this exhibition. They will be printed at London Print Studio, Harrow Road and sent to N. Wales by post ready for the show.

The seventh biennial international printmaking exhibition drawn from entries made via open submission from professional printmakers around the world. This year’s exhibition selection will be made by established print professional Professor David Ferry RE FRSA.

ISEA Sydney 2013

February 13 2013//


Mapping London’s Subterranean Rivers  video has been short-listed for ISEA 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art to take place in Sydney Australia.

Fingers crossed that my entry will go through to the final exhibition….

Presented by the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) and held alongside Vivid Sydney – a festival of light, music and ideas – ISEA2013 will showcase the best media artworks from around the world and provide a platform for the lively exchange of future-focused ideas.