The Lumen Prize longlist

August 2, 2018

Delighted to be selected for the Lumen prize longlist with my video perpetual browse_r
The longlist is online to view: HERE

Until September 1st, you can vote for your favourite artworks for the People’s Choice Award: HERE

(Image credit: The Lumen Prize)

The Lumen Prize for Digital Art celebrates the very best art created with technology through a global competition, exhibitions and events worldwide. A not-for-profit based in Wales, UK, Lumen’s annual juried competition draws entries from artists globally and has given away more than US$50,000 in prize money since its launch in 2012.

More than a competition Since its first show in London’s Cork Street back in 2013, Lumen has staged more than 40 exhibitions in venues across Asia, Europe and the US, as well as seminars, workshops and lectures. We work with a wide range of partners to create new audiences and opportunities for artists’ work, such as commissions, acquisitions, exhibitions and speaking engagements.

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Altered States Online

July 5, 2018

‘Following on from our successful exhibition of artists’ moving image at this year’s Waterloo Festival we have built an online channel bringing together the 22 films for you to enjoy. Altered States took place June 11th-18th 2018 at The Crypt of St John’s Waterloo, London SE1 8TY as part of Waterloo Festival 2018

The ALTERED STATES CHANNEL  will run until 30 Sept 2018′

Photographs of Altered States preview evening by Eleanor Bentall

‘Altered States was part of this year’s Waterloo Festival, borrowing its title from the 1980 science fiction movie of the same name directed by Ken Russell. In this a scientist submerges himself into a sensory deprivation chamber and partakes of hallucinogenic drugs in an attempt to access new states of consciousness. As time passes, his grip on reality begins to slip away…

The works explore altered states in a variety of contexts, from perceptual, psychological and philosophical to societal, technological and geographical and encompass a broad range of moving image practice, ranging from video collage and hand drawn animation, to documentary, flicker films, performance and CGI.

Artists include members of the London Group, invited artists and artists chosen from an open call in response to the title.’

Artists:  Bonnie Begusch, Bryan Benge LG, Sandra Crisp LG, Mark Dean, Mellissa Fisher, Eric Fong LG, Susan Francis, Genetic Moo LG, Georgie Grace, Inger Lise Hansen, Daria Jelonek, Debbie Lee, Amanda Loomes LG, Daniel McKee, Laura Moreton-Griffiths, Svetlana Ochkovskaya, Piotr Piasta, Eda Sarman, Katrina Stamatopoulos and Alexandra Spence, David Theobald LG and Joe Vallory, Charlie Tweed and Ubiqk (Peter Gudynas).

Curated by London Group members David Theobald and Genetic Moo.

Click here for artist biographies

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Altered States preview night

June 12, 2018

Great preview last night (11/06/2018) for ‘Altered States’ artists’ moving image exhibition in the dark & atmospheric St John’s Crypt, Waterloo Road, London SE1 8TY

Continues: June 11th-18th 2018, daily, Mon-Sat 1-8pm and Sun 12-6pm

Altered States at the Waterloo Festival more info HERE

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Altered States

May 20, 2018

Very pleased that perpetual browse_r will be included in Altered States, an upcoming selection of artists’ moving image:

An exhibition of Artists’ Moving Image

June 11th-18th 2018 Daily, Mon-Sat 1-8pm and Sun 12-6pm

St John’s Crypt, Waterloo Road, London SE1 8TY


Preview: Mon June 11th, 6-9pm, all welcome

‘Responding to the Waterloo Festival’s theme Transforming Minds, this moving image exhibition takes as its inspiration Ken Russell’s 1980’s science fiction film, Altered States.’

The 22 works, which will be on display in the historic crypt of St John’s Waterloo, explore altered states in a variety of contexts, from perceptual, psychological and philosophical to societal, technological and geographical. ​

Curated by London Group members David Theobald and Genetic Moo.

Artists include: Bonnie Begusch, Bryan Benge LG, Sandra Crisp LG, Mark Dean, Mellissa Fisher, Eric Fong LG, Susan Francis, Genetic Moo LG, Georgie Grace, Inger Lise Hansen, Daria Jelonek, Debbie Lee, Amanda Loomes LG, Daniel McKee, Laura Moreton-Griffiths, Svetlana Ochkovskaya, Piotr Piasta, Eda Sarman, Katrina Stamatopoulos, David Theobald LG, Charlie Tweed, Ubiqk (Peter Gudynas) and Alan Warburton.’

More info HERE

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London Group web page

May 17, 2018

My new London Group artist profile page is now live, do take a look if you have a moment!


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Waterloo Festival/ Altered States

May 9, 2018

I will be showing a new video perpetual browse_r in ALTERED STATES: Exhibition of Artists’ Moving Image, with The London Group and Friends.

June 11th -18th

Crypt, St John’s Waterloo, Waterloo Rd, London SE1 8TY.

Preview evening, open to all, June 11th, 6-9pm

Interview with Nicola Schauerman and David Theobald about ALTERED STATES on the Waterloo Festival Blog HERE

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London Group member

May 2, 2018

Delighted to be elected as new member of The London Group. Thanks to Genetic Moo for their nomination and kind support, and to the selection committee.

‘The London Group is a thriving democratic artists’ collective practicing in all disciplines, from painting and sculpture to moving image, digital and performance, with a full annual events programme in London and beyond – the Group regularly shows abroad. The London Group currently holds many of its events at The Cello Factory, Waterloo, London.

The UK’s longest-running and most prestigious artists’ collective
The London Group was set up in 1913 by thirty two artists including Walter Sickert, Jacob Epstein, Wyndham Lewis, David Bomberg, and Henri Gaudier Brzeska, with the aim of creating a powerful artist-run group to act as a counter-balance to institutions such as the Royal Academy. The founding group created a unique structure for an organisation, that has gone on to successfully nurture the careers of many of Britain’s best-known artists.’

About the London Group HERE

Five New Members HERE

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FILE festival, Sao Paulo 2018

April 19, 2018

A new video ‘perpetual browse_r ‘ will be exhibited at FILE Festival 2018.

SESI Gallery of  Art, Sao Paulo city, July 3rd- to August 12th.

FILE website HERE


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Athens Digital Arts Festival ADAF

April 18, 2018

Video ‘remote city [skygardens_towers]‘ has been selected for  Singularity Now – 14th Athens Digital Arts Festival.

24 – 27 May 2018
Main Venue: Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall

Website HERE

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Marie Henderson’s Mind

December 19, 2017

‘Marie Henderson’s Mind’ is a new short 3d animated video created for a theatre production at Coronet, Elephant and Castle entitled ‘The Melodramatic Elephant in the Haunted Castle’.

‘A play was performed at the Coronet on 8 November 2017 that told the story of the building through the perspective of a Victorian actress, Marie Henderson, who ran the theatre from 1875-1880. The ghost of Marie Henderson haunted the Coronet in scenes that depicted the building as a cinema and a night club. A cast of 19 actors from the People’s Company based at Southwark Playhouse were directed by John Whelan’.

Click the image below to view the video

More information about the play here HERE

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About The Schauerman Digital Art Prize – Genetic Moo

December 5, 2017

The Scauerman Digital Art Prize is a new prize and part of The London Group Open 2017

The prize went to Sandra Crisp for her experimental video work Remote City (skygardens_towers) which pans through elevated levels of a fragmented and futuristic city featuring sky gardens, and empty high-rise towers that humans appear to have left behind. She says the “hybrid models are textured with borrowed / downloaded visuals and smartphone-camera stills, embedded into their multi-faceted surfaces.” Sandra’s piece is both playful and dark and a really skilful use of 3d and video. We love it.

The selected artwork was shown as part of the London Group Open in November 2017 and the winner received £500. All forms of digital art were considered including video, still image, sound, 3D, web, game art, interactive, installation, VR, electronics, robotics, etc…

This prize is selected by London Group members Genetic Moo (Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup). Nicola’s parents, Marie & John Schauerman, were creative throughout their lives and excited by new technology. This award is in memory of their enthusiasm and support.

More about The Schauerman Digital Art Prize on Genetic Moo website

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Schauerman Digital Prize

November 28, 2017

Really excited to be awarded the first Schauerman Digital Prize by Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup from Genetic Moo at The London Group Open

“We’re delighted to announce our first Schauerman Digital Prize winner is whose digital art practise captures exactly what excites us about this medium. The world is changing, technology is changing and art should be changing too.” – Genetic Moo

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