In ‘X-Y-Z’ 2017 series of images borrowed visuals are downloaded from the net then transformed via Processing code into 3d objects constructed from multiple cubes. Then these structures are then imported into Blender 3D editing and further manipulated along x,y & z axis points. Their sculptural surfaces are texture mapped using borrowed visuals along contemporary themes such as Ebay kitsch, 24/7 rolling news, #FakeNews and 2016 political protests.
X-Y-Z began as a poetic/ abstracted reaction to unexpected political upheavals in 2016, where the known was overturned by uncertainty and anxiety – In these works, regular 3d structures are altered, becoming precarious and imperfect- a glitch is in the system.
Available as ink jet prints on Somerset soft textured paper or Aluminium, A3 to A1 depending on image dimensions.