31st Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques, Buenos Aires, Argentina

October 4, 2018

perpetual browse_r‘ will be included in 31st Festival Les Instants Vidéo, November 21 – 26 2018, VideoBardo, Festival VideoPoesia, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Including the following venues:

21/11 NATIONAL LIBRARY Mariano Moreno | 22/11 BLEMISH, Trash & Arts Center & Humboldt Apart | 23/11 & 26 GALLERY PEAS DE ELMO – ARS CONTINUA | 24/11  GALLERY POST 86 | 25/11 CC Enrique Santos Discépolo

‘VideoBardo is a collective of poetry and independent art founded in 1996 that aims to disseminate, research and theoretical debate on the language of Videopoetry. We define video poetry as a genre within contemporary art of a hybrid and transdisciplinary nature related to experimental poetry, video art and new technologies. VideoBardo is one of the most important international archives in this genre.’

VideoBardo website HERE

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