2014 Screencasts: Kinetic Collage

Kinetic Collage project uses Processing open source software and code as a drawing tool and means to create both static and dynamic works.

Fragments of appropriated text, graphics + visuals downloaded from Twitter such as #hashtags, timeline screenshots, tweeted-text and account avatars are recycled, and compressed together in saturated layers then perpetually rotated over time.

Output (so far) includes Processing sketches for onscreen presentation or installation projection, also a series of static images as print-outs on paper and perspex.

Screencasts of programs running in Processing software.

Each Processing sketch generates large circular ‘manadala’ prints but only partial sections of these exist as dynamic works onscreen, as seen below. A selection of the still ‘mandala’ images can be found HERE


Sandra Crisp: Screencast|kinetic_array_3 (detail)


Sandra Crisp: Screencast|hashtag_mandala_2 (detail) 2014


Sandra Crisp: Screencast|102 avatars#2 (detail) 2014

More information and images from this project can be found HERE

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