Artist statement

I use borrowed visuals downloaded from the Net which are reworked over time – Using a process of sampling/recycling/drawing and layering the diverse elements of media images, text/graphics, video screen-casts, and camera-phone photos etc.

Currently I am interested in how reality meets virtual imaginings using 3d rendered projects – Images appear seductive, even beautiful but carry with them an undercurrent of dystopic unease, the exact source of which is never fully revealed.

Today’s saturation of images and information via perpetual 24/7 news cycles, and the continually updating Internet is a constant theme running through my practice. Working with the mutability and interconnectedness of digital media acts as a catalyst to evolve new projects – The virtual space behind the monitor screen becomes an extension to my own thinking space where ideas gradually emerge through process and amalgamation of various visual information.

I use different open-source/ free and proprietary software in experimental ways. Always working within a minimal set of digital tools in ways that critique the software or contradict its intended purpose/function. Serendipity offered by the medium is also pivotal and inspired by the alchemy of previous lithography and etching practice in the area of fine art printmaking.

Current practice includes video, 3d rendering, GIFs, code-based work and and digital output onto various media including paper, aluminium and perspex.