Climate Collager 2005

Climate Collager is an interactive online collage using multi-layered sequences of  images and fragmented text.

It uses appropriated visuals sourced from the Media based around dramatic climate-related events.

This artwork takes the form of a Java Applet built with  Processing open-source programming language. Climate Collager is designed to run in an Internet browser and was created during an electronic media residency at the Banff centre in Alberta, Canada during summer 2005 with much technical support from the staff there (!)

The work is actually a mini custom-built computer program which cycles through visuals stored within an internal database but was originally intended to transmit real-time visuals sourced live from the Internet: It therefore remains a work in progress which will hopefully be fully realised in the future.

Various image patterns and word-streams are altered by double-clicking using a mouse within the Java applet window. There is no set pattern to the order and appearance of images which are stored in multiple folders ‘behind the scenes’ – each viewing is therefore unique creating a one-off collage experience each time the Applet is loaded.

Click here to run Climate Collager applet in a new webpage

Video Demo

Please note: Your browser’s default security may prevent the the applet from running. This is due to changes in Java since the piece was made 8 years ago. If a message appears asking for permission to run, click ‘yes’ as it is totally safe! However, below is a video screen-cast demo of  the work in action.

A mouse pointer will  occasionally appear in the video- showing how the cycle of images will slightly change when the mouse is double-clicked within the live Applet window.  Sometimes the changes are very subtle when the screen is double-clicked; at other times more dramatic shifts in pattern, images, text and colour may be observed.

Many thanks to the Banff Centre for help and assistance during the making of  this work