Interview with Jane Boyer

January 21, 2013

An interview excerpt from Sandra’s interview with Jane Boyer, Memory Surfaces, has just been posted on This ‘Me’ of Mine blog site Here

The complete interview will be published later this year in This ‘Me’ of Mine, Time and Context in the Digital Agea companion book for  the touring group exhibition This ‘Me’ of Mine. 

Jane, who conducted the interview via email from her home in France,  is a perceptive interviewer devising questions that really made me think about my own practice in new ways,  ranging from the place of digital archiving within today’s  ever burgeoning stream of information and images through to influence of the Internet and social media etc

“Sandra’s art is some of the most visually complex work I have ever seen; every time I see her work I am amazed all over again. She works with both static and moving images, curiously the boundary between what is static and what is moving seems to fade away; bits of data are set in motion……”

Another excerpt from the interview entitled Compossible Worlds is been published on Art Pie website Here


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