Artist statement

Sandra Crisp’s work uses found visuals stored in a digital archive which are reworked and recycled over time. Through a process of continual cutting/pasting and layering/erasing new connections evolve between the diverse elements of screen sourced and media images, Internet text/graphics and personal photos. This process and these images explore today’s constant saturation of images and information.

“Images with their origins in the mass media become ingrained in memory – attached to other bits of personal information, ideas and concepts:  A cyclical process of internalising information from ‘out there’, through my own thinking space and then releasing it outwards again…. Collecting, collating, making sense and discovering what is meaningful.”

Constructed slowly, over long periods of time, Sandra’s video works and large format collage-based prints always follow a ‘low-tech’ approach. Practice takes place within small corners of image editing, animation or video process (off-the shelf/ ubiquitous, and free) using digital process to filter and order observations of complex everyday information.