Artist statement

Sandra Crisp’s work incorporates appropriated online visuals stored in a digital archive which are reworked over time. Through a process of continual sampling/recycling/layering new connections evolve between the diverse elements of media images, Internet text/graphics and personal photos. This process and these images explore today’s constant saturation of images and information. Current practice includes video, 3d animation, GIFs, code-based work and large format digital prints.

Visuals from the digital realm – The vast deluge of continually transforming information on the Internet are juxtaposed with those from physical reality, such as the city. Digital is used by the artist as a tool to ‘think through’ conceptual ideas including recent themes based upon non-stop 24/7 news media and Twitter for example. The appearance of perpetual movement across the work suggests the continually refreshing nature of the Internet where one image/ text/video/blog/Tweet is rapidly replaced by the next.

The amalgamation of diverse digital elements is presented in the form of non-linear narratives akin to a visual stream of consciousness and complexity across the surface of both static image, and video work gradually emerges over often long periods – Forming ‘memory surfaces’ over time.

Images with their origins on the Internet become ingrained in memory – attached to other bits of personal information, ideas and concepts:  A cyclical process of internalising information from ‘out there’, through my own thinking space and then releasing it outwards again…. Collecting, collating, making sense and discovering what is meaningful.

Various open-source, free and off-the shelf programs are manipulated in experimental ways that often contradict their usual purpose. Serendipity offered by the medium is pivotal and inspired by the alchemy of previous lithography and etching practice in printmaking.

Spatial aesthetics, colour and form are also of key importance to structure/ disrupt the work. Process-based, Appropriation and New Media art are also key influences.

Sandra is currently working on a new multi-layered video project exploring real and imaginary cities/spaces, 3d models and online mapping apps, such as Google Earth.