FILE Electronic Language International Festival 2016

May 22 2016//

Auroville Dream (Tales From the City) has been selected for FILE Electronic Language International Festival, Brazil 2016 as part of the Anima+Games program.

FILE Anima+Games Photo credit:FILE

In the 2016 edition of the FILE Festival, after nearly a decade carrying FILE GAMES and FILE ANIMA+ independently, we decided to unite both festivals to create ANIMA+GAMES. By joining animations and games in the same event, we can point out aspects that would go unnoticed if shown under the very logic of each one of them.

It’s not about just a way to raise similarities and differences, but especially to emphasize the creative aspects that can occur in the mutual influence of both medium. To this end, we conceptualize what we call metanoumos. We are inspired by the concept already known of the games theory: the metagame, which states that any strategy or action, as well as methodologies used in games, go beyond the set of certain pre-stablished rules. They are those heterodox and external elements that affect and change the decision of who plays.

ANIMA+GAMES is an event that aims to show and to encourage the mutual influence of both medium. On one hand, the animations with its own strategies of creation and production with its already known influence from cinema, and on the other, games, with the notorious problem between narratology and ludology, and also between games and metagame.


Random String | A Ludic Rooms Project

May 22 2016//

Very pleased that my proposal for a short residency with Random String microfestival 2016 has been accepted.

Random String is a programme of events for artists and audiences exploring the creative potential of interactive and networked technology in the arts. It is organised by Ludic Rooms in association with Warwick Arts Centre.

I will be a screen-based artist in resident for 1 day on Friday 10th June for the Random String Symposium working live with a new Processing and dynamic code-based work from Kinetic Collage series. The interactive event will encourage open participation from visitors to the centre in the form of text and visuals collected via Twitter towards creating a new piece of work.

The work will be exhibited on Saturday 11th June at City Arcade, Coventry alongside other participating artworks.

More information about the artists taking part can be found HERE

‘The Random String Symposium at Warwick Arts Centre on June 10th 2016 brings together arts professionals to look at interactive and networked technologies and their use in the creative process.

The Random String microFestival brings inspiring artworks to Coventry on June 11th 2016 and invites people to get creative with technology. Everyone is welcome!

The Random String Fellowships enable six artists to explore how technologies might stimulate new directions for their work, with mentor support. They are being given a rare opportunity to play and experiment, without the pressure to produce a new body of work.

There will also be a whole host of other workshops, events and activities throughout 2016, you can follow the action on our Blog or sign up to our Newsletter to get info direct to your inbox.

Ludic Rooms

EMAF Filmtheater Hasetor, screening, Osnabrueck

April 26 2016//

May thanks to EMAF European Media Arts Festival for their kind support towards travel to Osnabrueck, Germany for European Media Festival 2016

Auroville Dream (Tales From the City) video was screened in the wonderful Filmtheater Hasetor and it was great to see it @ high resolution on the full large cinema screen.

Fr, 22. April 2016 | 18:00 as part of  Visions From the Past program

In Auroville Dreams, reality has already transcended to digital space, humans have become invisible, their visions meandering through virtual worlds.


Sluice__screens & Sluice__magazine launch at Islington Mill

April 19 2016//

Great to be included in this as a Sluice_screens ɔc 2015 Prize finalist.

Sluice__ tours the finalists of the inaugural Sluice_screens ɔc 2015 Prize to Islington Mill in partnership with Caustic Coastal. The evening screening will also mark the launch of the Spring 2016 edition of the biannual Sluice_magazine.

Islington Mill, James Street, Salford, M3 5HW

Wednesday 20th April 2016

Intro to sluice at 6.30
Screening at 7-8.30
Drinks and Magazine launch at 8.30

The Sluice_screens ɔc Prize was organised by Sluice__ in partnership with The Hospital Club, London and Berlin-based ascribe, an online organisation looking to promote correct credit and copyright issues for screen-based artists.

Over 800 international entries were whittled down to ten finalists and West Midlands based Amy Lunn was selected from the shortlist to receive £500 and have her work was shown at Sluice_2015, Sluice__’s biennial art fair which, in 2015, was hosted at The Bargehouse on the Southbank, London. The ten finalists were then screened at The Hospital Club in December 2015 – January 2016. In addition to Aprils screening at Islington Mill the works will also be shown in the coming months at Lux Glasgow and the Gallery Weekender Berlin.

The ten finalists are Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Dennis & Debbie Club, Declan Colquitt, Inez do Coo, Sandra Crisp, Aurele Ferrier, Tessa Garland, Caitlin Griffiths, Lawrence Lek and Amy Lunn.

The Sluice_screens ɔc 2015 prize judges were Charlie Levine from Sluice__, Masha McConaghy from ascribe and Ali Hillman from The Hospital Club. Hillman comments:

“Sluice__ bring attention to highly credible artwork across a number of disciplines, in this instance screen based media. The recent Sluice fair during Frieze week demonstrated their commitment to showcase art forms ranging from performance to painting, new media to site specific installation and the attendance and reception of the fair showed London’s appetite for a variety of contemporary art offerings in this busy period reaches beyond the pull of Regents

Sluice__screens & Sluice__magazine launch at Islington Mill

Margate Moving Image

March 02 2016//

Auroville Dream (Tales From the city) video has been selected for Margate Moving Image curated by Sally Childs.

Moving Image Margate is a screening and moving image installation planned to coincide with International Women’s Day on March 8th 2016 and will run from 5th – 14th  March 2016. This exhibition is part of a programme of events designed to celebrate International Women’s Day on the 8th March, and will include theatre, poetry, street art, exhibitions, talks and workshops.

Venue  – Margate House 39-41 High Street, Margate, CT9 1DX

Preview – Sat 5th March 2016 6-8pm

Exhibition Dates– Sat 5th March – Sun 14th March

Image Credit: The Artists & Margate Moving Image

Artists: Fanny Aboulker, Chris Avis, Emily Bailey, Ting Ting Cheng, Catherine Cleary & Rebecca Ilett, Sandra Crisp, Helga Dorothea, Sappire Goss, Lorraine Hamilton, Victoria Havercroft, Jennifer Kaplan-Ortiz, Ellie Kyungran Heo, Liane Lang, Ope Lori, Rebecca Molloy, Lucie Rachel, Liz Sergent, Carol Sommer, Lana Vanzetta, Alice WyattPOW Thanet website HERE

Margate Moving Image website HERE

Jump Cut – Averard Hotel – Saturation Point Projects

February 18 2016//

Really enjoyed being invited to take part in Jump Cut exhibition in the crumbling splendour of the semi-derelict Averard Hotel, Lancaster Gate 15th February 2016, curated by Saturation Point Projects/ Slate Projects.

Artists: Sandra Crisp, Peter Henderson, James Irwin, Patrick Morrissey, Charley Peters, Durrill Weller.

Saturation Point projects presents a one night only event hosting the work of six artists engaing with film as an ontological extension of thier practices. The Averards Hotel, a previously abandoned venue in west London provides the architectural backdrop to an evening of films exploring systems thinking, geometric abstraction and post digital landscapes.

Saturation Point

Work in Progress: Waterside Commission – Kinetic Collage

January 19 2016//

On 13th January 2016 I visited Waterside Arts Centre, 1 Waterside, Sale M33 7ZF to complete research and development for a micro commission due to launch mid-February 2016.
The 10 Microcommissions were awarded to 10 artists via open submission process for Waterside’s 10th anniversary celebrations.

Waterside Arts Centre is a thriving and vibrant arts venue in the heart of Sale in Greater Manchester. Comprising a theatre, art galleries, studios and workspaces, the centre is an important regional hub for both performance and visual art.


At Waterside, I will be exhibiting code-based dynamic work from Kinetic Collage project (2015) on a 55″ display screen located in the foyer.

Although I have previously exhibited elements of Kinetic Collage project as screencast videos in Common Bodies, East Street Arts, Leeds, W.Yorkshire, June 2015, for example this will be the first opportunity I’ve had to show Kinetic Collage as intended – Processing sketches running in realtime. For this venue, the work will run on the 55″ screen located in Waterside’s foyer. I’m really looking forward to making this happen!

As ever, when testing out digital files between different platforms, therewere a few glitches to begin with. But thanks to help from project organiser Mario Popham, we found a work-around to deal with file issues (mainly the usual Mac/ PC issues)  All the Processing ‘sketches’were eventually exported from Processing into standalone Java mini-programs, that may be easily launched from the desktop connected to the display screen.

I created 7 standalone exports so that a different work will berunning each day whilst the centre is open, forming a rotating exhibition that includes the majority of the works from the project, viewed over time. To accompany the display, I will also produce an image printed direct onto aluminium or perpex which will be located nearby in the foyer. I aam now keen to explore different forms of presentation media for static images of the work other than the usual inkjet print for display at Waterside, I hope to use perspex or amuminium which will visually lift and suspend the image in a similar way to how an onscreen image appears.

Kinetic Collage images HERE

Kinetic Collage screencasts HERE

Waterside Arts Centre

Sluice_screens INVITE

January 07 2016//

Really pleased to be selected for Sluice_screens כc prize shortlist

The 10 finalists will be screened at The Hospital Club, Covent Garden, London 16th January 2016, 4.30pm – 6pm.

Attendance is free* but RSVP is essential.’

Book tickets HERE

There will also be a reception afterwards at The Hospital Club, please RSVP

Hope to see you there…


GIF Credit: Sluice

Source: Sluice_screens INVITE

Waterside Micro Commission| Waterside Arts Centre, Sale, Greater Manchester

October 20 2015//

I’m really looking forward to working on a new microcommission for the Waterside Arts Centre Sale, Greater Manchester, UK taking place in January 2016. The microcommission will be part of a series of 4 different exhibitions by artists at Waterside between October 2015 and January 2016.

As part of Waterside Arts Centre’s 10th anniversary celebrations, we are pleased to announce a series of micro commissions designed to showcase the work of emerging artists working within two dimensional disciplines. Selected works will be presented via the Art Centre’s new 55 inch touch screen monitor whilst there will also be opportunities for utilising the wall and window space in and around the main foyer of the venue.

Waterside Arts Centre
Sandra Crisp: hashtag_mandala_22

The main part of my proposal use Waterside’s large 55″ touchscreen situated near the ticket office to display dynamic work/s from my Kinetic Collage project – Code-driven artworks created with Processing open source software 2014 – 2015  that layer and rotate fragmented images, text and graphics appropriated from Twitter profiles and timelines.

The large touchscreen will allow the large dynamic Processing sketches to run on the screen in a way which is not normally possible when the work is viewed on a much smaller domestic-size screen. Therefore, the commission offers a great opportunity to present the the work as it was originally intended in a busy public space.

The second part of the proposal proposes a print-based installation in the foyer, gallery or window/ entrance area of Waterside Arts Centre. The dimensions, structure and choice of various print media, such as paper or transparent film will result from a direct response to the building’s architecture. However, exact details won’t be finalised until after a site visit in Novemember 2015, so watch this space to see how the work develops…..

Sandra Crisp: Possible suspended print installation using large-format inkjet on transparent media
Sandra Crisp: Possible suspended print-based installation, Waterside Arts Centre

Video screencasts of dynamic programs running in Processing can be viewed HERE

More Info: Call Out to Artists: Waterside Micro-Commissions < Whats On | Waterside Arts Centre, Sale


September 24 2015//

Auroville Dream (Tales From the City) will be included in Simultan Festival 2015 ‘Talking to Strangers’, Romania:


Simultan Festival performance

What would Voyager 3 contain if it would be re-launched today, after 38 years? In 1977, an information package was launched into space, a symbolical selection for the human civilization, launched with the intention to be intercepted or discovered by an alien civilization. A sort of “hello” from the humans, a way of saying “we are here”.
Today, maybe, such a package would contain microchips, texts with smiley faces at a correct decoding. We would probably brag about the invention of a virtual communication system, about our intelligent control systems? Our self-control or the controlling of others. We might also include some e-books about the human nature, on micro-sd cards, because we also advanced our knowledge in the field of psychoanalysis. Why wouldn’t we send a picture of Osama or of other terrorists that we cannot find, maybe they would help us with that.
Maybe we could simply send a cry for help, in the hope that in the thousand years that would take them to discover it, there would still be a chance for a few of us to be saved. Or Voyager 3 could be a new Noah’s ark, a capsule of DNA for a possible reconstruction.

Simultan festival

Read more HERE—>

Source: SIMULTAN 2015 / TALKING TO STRANGERS | media art / exploratory music and sound