111 NOT OUT, Quay Arts, Isle of Wight, UK

11 03 2024//

Right: Sandra Crisp: ‘BLOOM [1]’, 80 x 80 cm on Dibond aluminium (Left: G. Ingham)

On 2 Mar 2024 (2-4pm) there was a busy and succesful launch for the celebratory 111 NOT OUT exhibition with The London Group at Quay Arts, Sea Street, Newport, Isle of Wight, England, UK

The exhibition is free entry and continues until 27 Apr 2024

All welcome

111 NOT OUT celebrates the 110th anniversary of The London Group’s inaugural exhibition at London’s Goupil Gallery in March 1914 by reaching back across that long period of time to connect with the founders in a new exhibition at Quay Arts, Isle of Wight.

Sandra Crisp: ‘BLOOM [1]’, 80 x 80 cm on Dibond aluminium
‘BLOOM [1]’, 80 x 80 cm on Dibond aluminium (detail) Also showing QR code linking to the chosen founder member’s image by David Bomberg

Participating members from the current London Group were invited to select a founding member to draw inspiration from and respond to.

I selected David Bomberg, ‘IN THE HOLD’,Oil paint on canvas, circa 1913-1914

View the painting here:


I am drawn to the mosaic-like fragmentation, energy, fractured geometry and complexity within this abstract painting which appears in dialogue with modern life and the dynamism of rapidly advancing Industrialisation of the time. Also, a pointer towards C20 advanced computerisation still some decades away but with Ada Lovelace writing the first algorithm in 1848.

Sandra Crisp

COLLECT CONNECT Translocation Dislocation

11 04 2024//

Moving image project, ‘strange attractors [1,000 years]‘ has joined artist, Bryan Benge’ online project COLLECT CONNECT Translocation Dislocation – The work was screened outdoors using a small tablet within the trunk of a large hollowed-out tree with added local birdsong and environmental reflections.

Welcome to the Translocation and Dislocation exhibition, a selection of eclectic artworks that have been placed or screened beyond the traditional gallery walls. Alongside the art, you can read written works by our First Responders. We will choose a different location for each artwork, the art might be placed in a complementary location (to add to the narrative) or juxtaposed against a competing backdrop to create new meaning.


View all artists in this project HERE

Upcoming: 111 Not Out, Newport, Isle of Wight, 2024

12 12 2023//

The image I will printing for exhibition is a version of ‘Bloom [1]‘ 2020, below:

Sandra Crisp: ‘Bloom [1]’

Today I was very pleased to receive through the post an A4 test direct-print on Dibond from Genesis Imaging (Fulham, London) for planned large format work of Bloom [1] to be exhibited in upcoming The London Group exhibition, 111 Not Out. The final work will be 80 cm x 80 cm:

A4 test print of ‘Bloom [1]’ on Dibond

Dibond mounting is a process of mounting a digital print onto a Dibond sheet. Dibond is aluminium composite, comprising two ultra-thin 0.3mm aluminium panels sandwiched around a polyethylene core.

It’s good to tranform a digitally-generated image into a physical object for exhibition as have been showing mainly moving image recently. The subtle matt surface with a slight back-sheen from the aluminium enhances the image in interesting ways that traditional printing on paper doesn’t offer.

Founded in October 1913, The London Group will celebrate the 110th anniversary of their first exhibition at the Goupil Gallery in March 1914. Each participating member will commend one of the 32 founder-members that most appeals to them in terms of personality and art practice with a QR-coded picture and a short explanatory text alongside their work.

111 Not Out exhibition team

I have chosen David Bomberg as my founder member and his beautiful, complex painting ‘In The Hold’

I am drawn to the mosaic-like fragmentation, energy, fractured geometry and complexity within this abstract painting which appears in dialogue with modern life and the dynamism of rapidly advancing Industrialisation of the time. Also, a pointer towards C20 advanced computerisation still some decades away but with Ada Lovelace writing the first algorithm in 1848.

Sandra Crisp

Photos of The London Group Open 2023

29 11 2023//

The exhibition drew to a close with artists’ talks and a record 700 + visitors on Sunday 26th November 2023!

The London Group 85th Open exhibition presented artworks from the Group’s members as well as non-members – selected from over 1,900 entries. In total, 158 artworks were on show, including painting, drawing, digital art, installation, mixed media, photography, print, sculpture, sound and video. The result was a display featuring established and emerging artists, all working at the forefront of contemporary practice.

The London Group Open: 10 – 26 Nov 2023 at Copeland Gallery, Copeland Park, 133 Rye Lane, Peckham SE15 4ST

The London Group Open 2023 Catalogue
Sandra Crisp: ‘strange attractors […1,000 years] (Photo credit: Faye Sinden)
Sandra Crisp: ‘strange attractors […1,000 years]

View the trailer HERE

Installation view (Photo by Lesley Bunch) L-R: Lesley Bunch ‘Shadow Sculpture’; Almuth Tebbenhoff ‘Steel’; Emma Davis ‘FAN DRAWING’; Sandra Crisp ‘strange attractors […1,000 years]’

View more photos from The London Group Open

The London Group Open 2023 – Press release

28 09 2023//

85th The London Group Open Exhibition

Copeland Gallery, Copeland Park, 133 Rye Lane, Se15 4ST

Frid 10 Nov 2023 – Sun 26 Nov
11 am – 5 pm daily with late opening on Thursday and Friday until 7pm
Private View: 6pm-9pm

I will be exhibiting new moving image work strange attractors […1,000 years] for the first time, a trailer can be viewed HERE

Download full press release on The London Group website HERE

Schauerman Digital Art Prize

03 07 2023//

Delighted to be invited by Genetic Moo to select for this year’s Schauerman Digital Art Prize. I was awarded the prize in 2017 with moving image work ‘remote_city (skygardens_towers)’.

This year, the £500 Schauerman Digital Art Prize will be selected by digital artists and London Group members Genetic Moo (Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup) and Sandra Crisp. We want more digital artists to become involved with the Group and hope the prize will encourage this. Nicola’s parents, Marie & John Schauerman, were creative throughout their lives and excited by new technology. This prize is in memory of their enthusiasm and support.

To be eligible for the Schauerman Digital Art Prize you need to enter and be selected for The London Group Open. This is the 85th Open exhibition which has been running throughout the group’s 110+ year history. 

The prize is for Digital Art so we will be looking at works that have involved computing or electronics at some point. The judges will be generous in deciding what is or isn’t digital and will consider all genres including still imagery, photography, video, audio, installation, interactive, generative, games, VR, AR, robotics, AI, NFTs,  etc.  The possibilities are endless. 

As technology changes, art changes and The London Group is engaging with digital art more and more – see these London Group exhibitions: In the Dark and The Mesh

More Information on Genetic Moo’s website

New Accelerator exhibition|catalogue

24 03 2023//

Exhibition continues until Mon 3 April 2023


Open: Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm

[Please see previous post for further information]

‘E_Life’ video at The New Accelerator exhibition
‘perpetual browse_r_2’ video at The New Accelerator exhibition
New Accelerator catalogue [1]
New Accelerator catalogue [2]
Catalogue essay The Machine Age by Benet Spencer
(Cont.d) Catalogue essay The Machine Age by Benet Spencer

(Below) Selection of works in the show

The New Accelerator

07 03 2023//

Really pleased to be participating in THE NEW ACCELERATOR group exhibition showing videos, E_Life and perpetual browse_r_2. The exhibiton is part of the Cambridge Festival


Date: Thurs 9 March 2023 – Mon 3 April

Open: Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm

PV: Thurs 23 March, 5pm – All welcome

Co-curated by: Hanz Hancock & Patrick Morrissey (Saturation Point) Laurence Noga & Benet Spencer

The New Accelerator, a short story by H.G. Wells from 1901, addresses technological development, introducing a new perception of reality through a tonic which has the effect of slowing the world’s rotation. Taking the same name, The New Accelerator exhibition, aims to establish a dialogue between a range of artists who have reflected advances in technology through reductive, minimal, architectonic or geometric approaches. This story chimes with the editing process and focus through which abstract artists construct their images, using processes based on limitation, a single element, or through repetition or extension. Working with various partner organisations and individuals, the project identifies an interaction between art, science, science fiction and systems. Through presenting 27 contrasting artist’s practices, the exhibition, along with symposium and catalogue essays, will address points of connection and departure within these key areas….

Exhibiting Artists: Katrina Blannin, Eric Butcher, Sandra Crisp, Natalie Dower, Tim Ellis, Julia Farrer, Árpád Forgo, Hanz Hancock + Patrick Morrissey, Stephen Jaques, Hans Kotter, Caroline List, George Meyrick, Ian Monroe, Jeremy Morgan, Laurence Noga, Milly Peck, playpaint, Carol Robertson, Sarah Sparkes, Benet Spencer, Trevor Sutton, Trisant (Julian Hughes Watts), Kate Terry, April Virgoe, Adia Wahid, Mary Yacoob

More info: https://creativeshowcase.aru.ac.uk/events/culture-calendar/the-new-accelerator-exhibition/

The London Group at Scarborough

14 03 2023//

I am delighted to be exhibiting 2 videos ‘E_Life‘ and ‘d_loop_search (UK floods)‘ in this upcoming show

‘E_Life’. (Thanks to Paul Bonomini RSA LG for photograph)

Exhibition by London contemporary artists’ collective at the Parcels Office

The London Group at Scarborough
Old Parcels Office
YO11 1TU

1 April – 30 April

Free Entry
Open Thursday – Sunday 11am – 4pm

Private View 8th April 2 – 4pm

website: www.oldparcelsoffice.org

PV-The LG at Scarborough

The London Group at Bankside

20 11 2022//

I’ll be showing a new moving image work, particle brows_er in this forthcoming exhibition Bankside Gallery, London which will also include the diverse work of 80 The London group Members. Bankside Gallery is next door to Tate Modern on Thames riverside.

‘A considerable strength of The London Group is the diversity of art practices encompassed – painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, digital work etc. Every medium is given equal weight and importance…’

The London Group at Bankside 24 Nov – 5 Dec 2022 open 11am – 6pm daily, PV: 23 Nov 6-9pm. Bankside Gallery, Thames Riverside, 48 Hopton Street, London SE1 9JH

More info here

particle brows_er can be viewed in the online version of the exhibition HERE


16 11 2022//

S.Crisp: ‘E-Life’ HD video [5 mins 30 secs] looped. PROJECTED TOPOGRAPHIES. Saturation Point, Deptford, London


A film projection curated by Sandra Crisp for Saturation Point projects (Patrick Morrissey+Hanz Hancock)

Artists: Sandra Crisp, Jockel Liess & Susan Eyre

Saturation Point, Deptford, London: Fri 11 (PV) & Sat 12 Nov 2022 5:30 – 9pm

Projected Topographies presents 3 artists with unique approaches to film incorporating the study of form, surface and location

Sandra Crisp: ‘E_Life’ uses 3D generated animation to present a digital environment populated with intensely textured and dynamic geometry.
Multiple and continually transforming organic forms, each originating from a simple 3D sphere are structured and surface-mapped with eclectic visuals such as emojis, fragmented images borrowed from 24-hour online rolling-news media and others downloaded via a search engine. Particle systems generate repeated, yet varied objects throughout the film which appear to have a life of their own. Overall suggesting the possibility of a simulated future/ nature.

Jockel Liess: ‘Variations on a theme’ is a generative audiovisual system which starts from a point of fascination with the aesthetics of irregular organic patterns.
Visually as well as sonically the aesthetic of natural patterns thrives on their intrinsic imperfection which are never distributed even or orderly, are never replications of themselves. They are rather reoccurring variations that form a recognisable tapestry of familiarity across an otherwise chaotic and unpredictable structure. Prospering from the tension that arises between repetition and asymmetry, and playfully inhabit the border region between order and randomness.

Susan Eyre: ‘Aóratos’ transports the viewer between everyday locations and terrains visually transformed via the use of an endoscope, a microscope, and cameras launched in a high-altitude balloon.
The film takes the precept that wormholes exist in our universe and imagines journeying through hidden landscapes, distorted spacetime and alternative perspectives. Envisaging potential encounters with cosmic strings, space foam, primordial chemistry, radioactive particles and escaping gravity the work conjectures on the enduring allure of traversing a wormhole.

Saturation Point is a curatorial and editorial platform for systems, non-objective and reductive art, mainly in the UK. We commission and publish reviews, interviews and other writing by established artists working in this field.

Susan Eyre

Jockel Liess