Upcoming: 111 Not Out, Newport, Isle of Wight, 2024

12 12 2023//

The image I will printing for exhibition is a version of ‘Bloom [1]‘ 2020, below:

Sandra Crisp: ‘Bloom [1]’

Today I was very pleased to receive through the post an A4 test direct-print on Dibond from Genesis Imaging (Fulham, London) for planned large format work of Bloom [1] to be exhibited in upcoming The London Group exhibition, 111 Not Out. The final work will be 80 cm x 80 cm:

A4 test print of ‘Bloom [1]’ on Dibond

Dibond mounting is a process of mounting a digital print onto a Dibond sheet. Dibond is aluminium composite, comprising two ultra-thin 0.3mm aluminium panels sandwiched around a polyethylene core.

It’s good to tranform a digitally-generated image into a physical object for exhibition as have been showing mainly moving image recently. The subtle matt surface with a slight back-sheen from the aluminium enhances the image in interesting ways that traditional printing on paper doesn’t offer.

Founded in October 1913, The London Group will celebrate the 110th anniversary of their first exhibition at the Goupil Gallery in March 1914. Each participating member will commend one of the 32 founder-members that most appeals to them in terms of personality and art practice with a QR-coded picture and a short explanatory text alongside their work.

111 Not Out exhibition team

I have chosen David Bomberg as my founder member and his beautiful, complex painting ‘In The Hold’

I am drawn to the mosaic-like fragmentation, energy, fractured geometry and complexity within this abstract painting which appears in dialogue with modern life and the dynamism of rapidly advancing Industrialisation of the time. Also, a pointer towards C20 advanced computerisation still some decades away but with Ada Lovelace writing the first algorithm in 1848.

Sandra Crisp