strange attractors […1,000 years] (Trailer)

Title: strange attractors […1,000years]
Duration: 00:05:26 (Trailer) duration: 00:02:12) 1920 x 1080 HD
Date: 2023
Audio: Yes

Simulated natural forces and physics dynamics such as wind, gravity and collision are used to surreal effect: at once unexpected but also strangely familiar.

The camera pans tumbled cubes displaying video-playback whilst modelled structures of multi-colour 3D clusters react to particles interacting with their irregular surfaces.

3D sculpted sphere and cube iterations animated over time present an imagined/ future proposition of found objects clad with remnants from today’s technologised world such as contemporary climate-based news media clips, borrowed YouTube clips/ visuals downloaded from a search engine – Overall suggesting ambiguous origins somewhere between organic and human-made, or maybe a fusion of both: post climate, hybrid-organic/ human-made structures.

These highly detailed, complex, baroque visuals are contrasted by low-res sound collected from diverse sources such as mobile phone and also audio experiments that record speech after being misunderstood by a TalkGPT bot.

Selected Screenings
Nov 2023 Copeland Gallery, London SE15 The London Group Open exhibition