Schauerman Digital Art Prize

03 07 2023//

Delighted to be invited by Genetic Moo to select for this year’s Schauerman Digital Art Prize. I was awarded the prize in 2017 with moving image work ‘remote_city (skygardens_towers)’.

This year, the £500 Schauerman Digital Art Prize will be selected by digital artists and London Group members Genetic Moo (Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup) and Sandra Crisp. We want more digital artists to become involved with the Group and hope the prize will encourage this. Nicola’s parents, Marie & John Schauerman, were creative throughout their lives and excited by new technology. This prize is in memory of their enthusiasm and support.

To be eligible for the Schauerman Digital Art Prize you need to enter and be selected for The London Group Open. This is the 85th Open exhibition which has been running throughout the group’s 110+ year history. 

The prize is for Digital Art so we will be looking at works that have involved computing or electronics at some point. The judges will be generous in deciding what is or isn’t digital and will consider all genres including still imagery, photography, video, audio, installation, interactive, generative, games, VR, AR, robotics, AI, NFTs,  etc.  The possibilities are endless. 

As technology changes, art changes and The London Group is engaging with digital art more and more – see these London Group exhibitions: In the Dark and The Mesh

More Information on Genetic Moo’s website