Duration: 00:00:57
Date: 2019
Audio: Yes

SIM_OCEAN (TGPGP) is a short video loop based around The Great Pacific Garbage Patch – A mass of Ocean plastic pollution in existence for decades in an area between Hawaii and California USA.
A dislocated 3d form, suggesting a breakaway land fragment is textured with Internet debris but actually based upon a strange local roof structure discovered on Google Earth. Voice sounds are cut from environmental documentary footage and filtered through Balabolka text-to-audio translation software and Ocean sounds are cut from a 2 hour relaxation tape available on You Tube.

SIM_OCEAN (TGPGP) Video still_1
SIM_OCEAN (TGPGP) Video still_2
SIM_OCEAN (TGPGP) Video still_3
SIM_OCEAN (TGPGP) Video still_4