Arctic Moving Image and Film Festival, Norway

October 10 2016//

Auroville Dream (Tales from the City)  has been selected as part of an open call for Arctic Moving Image and Film Festival (AMIFF) Harstad, Norway. The screening of open call films will take place Harstad Kino, Saturday 29 October.

Festival dates: 27- 30 October 2016, Harstad Kino, Harstad, Norway.

Arctic Moving Image & Film Festival. Image credit: AMIFF

Full film and moving image program HERE

Harstad Kino. Image Credit: AMIFF

The theme of the first festival is ‘Memory and Identity’. The relatively short history of film is now starting to measure up to a considerable size, and our identity is intertwined by film. Questions like ‘how does movements in film history reflect on movements in society?’, ‘how do we understand ourselves through film and moving images and its history?’ and ‘How are memories and identity treated in film and moving images?’ will be explored.

The theme ‘Memory and Identity’ is inspired by the strong focus currently on the use of archive material in moving images today. Topics for discussions that springs out of this are fact and fiction, power and powerlessness. Who gets their stories told? Can art function as democratization of archive material?’