‘End Of The World’- Experimental Video Night

December 04 2012//

I am very pleased to say that my film/video Oceanics will be shown as part of an End Of The World – Experimental Video, Projection and Performance night.

The Space, St Leonard’s on Sea UK (Near Hastings)

Start date: 07-Dec-2012 

End date: 08-Dec-2012

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Wrap up warm!!
The Space, a rough outdoor plot which adjoins the Warrior Square Railway Station, will host a series of experimental video installations, projections and performances as a part of an ongoing programme of outdoor sculpture and installation projects curated by Christine Gist.
From 6pm on the Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of December the dark winter night will be lit up by outdoor projections devised by underground artists Sharon Haward and Sarah Locke as the final part of the ‘End of the World’ series of projects, projections and screenings.

The experimental video, projection and performance event is the second ‘End of the World’ event held in The Space, and will feature work by Sandra Crisp. Underground are pleased to be able to show Sandra’s ‘Oceanics’ where the viewer is taken on a spatial journey through various simulated environmental layers suggesting the evolution of climate change, hinting at possible future consequences and environmental damage.

Sarah Locke will also be undertaking a performance entitled Mother of Grace Moskow Discow / The Bar at the End of the World, at 7 pm each evening. Mother of Grace is the alter ego/identity Sarah Locke and for this event we find her in a bar, grasping at visions of the past and treading carefully around an uncertain future.

Other artists featured include Matthew Pountney and Johnny Crump who have created an audio-visual ‘mash-up’ that pulls viewers into an intensely hypnotic and at times nightmarish world. The audio design was created to challenge the way we hear music and to break some fundamental rules of music production.  Installation artist Sharon Haward will be showing ‘TransitionOverload’ where an abstract industrial fragment is overlaid with ambiguous and ominous sound to create a sense of disquiet and dislocation and Belgian artist Sebastien Seynaeve’s  ‘Integral Conversation’ imagery and sound are an expression of the radiating aspect of our contemporary environment and the withdrawal of the individual and his loss of control in profit of superior forces. The inspiration for these projects comes from numerous sources including Angela Carter, William Gibson, Jean Luc Godard, JB Ballard the golden age of TV and our ever expanding including dependence on technology.

New work by past and present students from Sussex Coast College will also be showing – Shammi Begum, Lucy Dixon, Izabela Montoya and Rosie Haward

Sharon Howard