FILE Electronic Language International Festival 2016

May 22 2016//

Auroville Dream (Tales From the City) has been selected for FILE Electronic Language International Festival, Brazil 2016 as part of the Anima+Games program.

FILE Anima+Games Photo credit:FILE

In the 2016 edition of the FILE Festival, after nearly a decade carrying FILE GAMES and FILE ANIMA+ independently, we decided to unite both festivals to create ANIMA+GAMES. By joining animations and games in the same event, we can point out aspects that would go unnoticed if shown under the very logic of each one of them.

It’s not about just a way to raise similarities and differences, but especially to emphasize the creative aspects that can occur in the mutual influence of both medium. To this end, we conceptualize what we call metanoumos. We are inspired by the concept already known of the games theory: the metagame, which states that any strategy or action, as well as methodologies used in games, go beyond the set of certain pre-stablished rules. They are those heterodox and external elements that affect and change the decision of who plays.

ANIMA+GAMES is an event that aims to show and to encourage the mutual influence of both medium. On one hand, the animations with its own strategies of creation and production with its already known influence from cinema, and on the other, games, with the notorious problem between narratology and ludology, and also between games and metagame.