‘Fuzzy Phone. GIF’ in THE GALLERY – The London Group website

10 08 2020//

Thanks to Nicola Schauerman LG for inviting me to inhabit THE GALLERY in these strange times with my ‘Fuzzy Phone .GIF‘. This work is part of an animated .GIF series created in 2016 but has not been uploaded for online viewing before now.

This is an online gallery for London Group members. It will present 3 to 4 shows per year which are curated and launched through our Newsletter. Members will be invited to take over this space to create a unique art work of words / images / video / sounds and anything else that can exist online.


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Fragments of borrowed online visuals are layered together and explore the limits of motion, transparency, compression, and pattern dithering. A large fuzzy mobile phone, odd metal tree-sculpture photographed in the city and other disconnected fragments are animated across an 8-frame timeline.

S. Crisp

PS. Don’t forget to browse THE GALLERY archive afterwards HERE