GENETIC MOO-Microworld @ Home [video out-takes]

16 06 2020//

GENTIC MOO are getting through Covid – 19 lockdown by creating weekly live You Tube broadcasts – MICROWORLD @ HOME, which incorporate a multi-camera setup, live improvisation and coding to evolve fascinating multi-layered digital ecosystems seeded from their blacked-out living room in Margate, England, UK.

Beginning with the first streaming 2 hour broadcast 2 May 2020, this week’s broadcast 13 June 2020 LIFE AND DEATH ON THE SUGARSCAPE was inspired by a chapter from Joshua M. Epstein & Robert Axtell’s book Growing Artificial Societies.

Each week artists are invited to add out-take clips into the mix so I’m delighted that a few of my own appeared during this week’s broadcast and also upcoming Saturday 20 June 2020 entitled THE WORLD, THE FLESH AND THE DEVIL . TUNE IN EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON 2PM – 4PM GMT HERE

Continuing adventures in digital ecosystems live from Margate. This week we explore life and death on the sugarscape, including creative coding chaos on the grid, collaborative mashups and Genetic Moo’s ever-expanding virtual menagerie. Every Sat 2-4pm. Participating artists: Sean Clark, Julia Schauerman, Simon Rae, Ed Kelly, Sandra Crisp, Jonathan Armour

Genetic Moo