March 29 2012//

An edited version my film Oceanics was exhibited as an exciting holographic projection work this year at Kinetica Art Fair, AmbikaP3, London.
9th – 12th February 2012

Holographic performances will be on the Musion stage at the following times

  • Thursday 9th at 5pm
  • Sunday 12th 1-2pm
  • Each day 10-11am

The projection system is run by Musion Systems Ltd and is based on a Victorian illusionist technique known as Pepper’s Ghost. High definition digital images in motion appear 3D on a specially constructed stage. To give an idea of scale, the image projection area on stage is approximately 4 metres wide and 2.5 metres high.

Notes: Rethinking Oceanics audio track for holographic projection at Kinetica art fair. Also, Scenes to be used as holograms need to be placed on a black background for the effect to work as a hologram

Click here to view Oceanics