TWITTERSTORM Live Twitter-feed artwork – In The Dark Exhibition

January 21 2019//

Video of  TWITTERSTORM by Sandra Crisp – A dynamic code-based projection incorporating live Twitter-feed on the ceiling of The Cello Factory during ‘In the Dark‘ exhibition,  London, January 2019.

The Twitter live-feed (viewed as a horizontal banner of scrolling white text) connects to Twitter API and downloads tweets that use specific hashtags including: #brexit #trump #fakenews #cat #banana #topNews #onThisday

Visitors to the exhibition could also use the Twitter hashtag #cellonews to interact with the work via Twitter.

Twitterstorm is loosely based on artist Jenny Holzer’s Truisms

Viewed in the modern day, Truisms reads like an insistent, torrential Twitter feed.

Sandra Crisp – live twitter feed projection

(Many thanks to Tim for help with the coding and Nicola for the photo & video)