Now and After Festival

January 30 2015//

Tales From the City (1 minute)  video has been selected to be screened as part of the VideoBabel’s Architectural Space program at  Now & After festival 2015

Image Credit: Now & After)

The fifth edition of the Festival will take place at the Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow, Russia, April 21 –  June 21, 2015. Space is a philisophical category as well as our everyday routhine and the basic concept of architecture. Artists turn to the architecture of the present, projects of the future and runins of the past. They explore a space that exists in the relationship with time and a space as an expansion and dimension; personal space and the space of the ‘other’.

Program catalogue

 This year the festival has received 1046 applications from 67 countries.

View full .PDF – Now and After cataloge HERE