>>Rewind|Hastings|Coastal Currents

October 04 2013//

Really pleased that I made the trip down to Hastings for <<Rewind, where Oceanics, alongside a selection of other screen-based work was displayed in Underground’s dark basement on 35 Robertson Street.

Oceanics was was projected directly onto the wall of a small, darkened side-room with 2 wooden armchairs: The walls coated with blackboard paint gave the work a more luminous quality than the more usual white-wall gallery/ screening space.

Sandra Crisp

<<Rewind brings underground’s recent outdoor projects inside to present a series of video and sound installations in the unique underground project space for Coastal Currents 2013. The work on show reflects the artists’ concerns with a discordant world characterised by conflicts between the natural world and technology, burgeoning dystopias and explorations into the slippery gaps between things. As a continuation of Underground’s….

Sharon Howard

….End of the World projects started in 2012, <<rewind offers audience the chance to once more step into their dark basement, to experience a range of  shadowy and disconcerting episodes. The inspiration for these projects comes from numerous sources including the work of Angela Carter, William Gibson, Jean Luc Goddard, William Burroughs, JB Ballard the Golden Age of TV and our ever expanding dependence on the digital technology.”

(Text by Sharon Howard)

>>RewindSharon Howard, Sandra Crisp, Rachel Finney, Sarah Locke, Emma Jex, Sebastien Seynaeve, Lucinda Wells.
Including a selection from Sussex Coast College current/ x-students. Shammi Begum, Izabela Montoya, Lucy Dixon,Rosie Howard