‘Subterranean Sounds’ at BBC3 Late Junction

20 02 2021//

Honoured to be included in this great line-up of audio artists BBC3 Late Junction – ‘Subterranean Sounds’ show which aired last night. Many thanks to Verity Sharp, presenter for including my humble audio track from 2010 video ‘Mapping London’s Subterranean Rivers’. It’s very near the end of the show at 1:51:40 but the whole show is definitely worth a good listen.

[Listen here:
https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000mdm1[Update: June 2021 – The program is no longer available to listen online]

Or, can View video with the audio here: ‘Mapping London’s Subterranean Rivers’

(Thanks to Julia Schauerman, audio-acoustic artist for the heads up and sending the link)