The Eaton Fund – A Thank You

January 28 2013//

Very good news: On Saturday 26th January I was delighted to discover that my grant application to The Eaton Fund has been successful. I was so surprised when the letter arrived (and still am!)  

The grant will be used to fund the printing and framing of a large format digital print ‘The Bigger Picture’ for forthcoming UK touring exhibition This ‘Me’ of Mine 2013. This kind assistance is extremely welcome at this point in my career as the costs involved in producing such large works for public exhibition have proved to be extremely challenging in recent times.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Trustees and Eaton fund administrator Lorna Stagg for their generous support.

About The Eaton Fund

In 1954 the Eaton Fund for Artists, Nurses and Gentlewomen became a registered charity and the trust is named after Ellen Mary Maria Eaton (1866-1949). Faiths younger cousin Faith Sybil Eaton (b. 1927) was a Trustee for 37 years.  Originally, the Trustees were all family members, and the Trust was first chaired by Mr. Charles Eaton Mills, JP.

Since 2007 there have been five Trustees including Marian Shaw (Chairwoman) and Nicola Brooker who are grand-daughters of the first Chairman.

Trustees:  Mrs. Nicola Brooker, BA (Hons), Dr. Harry Dawson, MRCP, MRC.Psych., Mr. Tim Edwards, ACIS, Mrs. Marian Shaw, BSc. (Hons), Mr. Charles Stewart, BA (Hons).

Faith Eaton: A highly-regarded collector of dolls and dolls’ houses

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