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February 03 2012//

One of my large format digital prints ‘The Bigger Picture’ has been selected for a really interesting future group exhibition entitled ‘This ‘Me’ of Mine’ curated by artist and writer Jane Boyer.

‘Myself’ is a loaded pronoun, it is a pronoun which is grammatically suggestive of a self reflected back on itself through actions or thoughts.  It represents my person as I sit here writing this, my past which has brought me here where I sit and write, and the potential of what may happen next.  It is a multiplicity of selves, changed and influenced by time, experience and encounters all woven together in the weave of a fabric called ‘me’.  Yet there are two sides to a piece of fabric, just as there are two sides to me: my interior self and my exterior self.

Jane Boyer

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Participating artists include: Aly Helyer, David Riley, David Minton, Annabel Dover, Sarah Hervey, Anthony Boswell, Kate Murdoch, Cathy Lomax,   Melanie Titmuss, Edd Pearman,  Sandra Crisp, Julie Cockburn, Shireen Quershi, Jane Boyer.