ART OF NO LIKES – Project Launch

02 07 2020//

I’m delighted to announce that my contribution to THE ART OF NO LIKES curated by HERVISIONS has just launched on AREBYTE AOS (Arebyte on Screen)

Included are two recent perpetual browse_r videos, 3d renders from DATA_SCAPE series and new zoom images – The zooms explore the compromise and image compression that happens when uploading work online when often important detail is lost in the process.

AOS is a platform dedicated to artist videos, multimedia experiences and curatorial interventions utilising digital formats. AOS invites web-based artists, digital artists and curators from around the world to experiment with new forms of creating, curating and presenting art online. 

HERVISIONS is a femme-focused curatorial agency facilitating online and offline experiences and collaborations with partners to research and produce innovative commissions, exhibitions and events working across new and emergent technologies and platforms with a strong focus on the intersection of art, technology and culture.

Arebyte website


Zoom detail image of 3d render. In this zoom image, tiny emoticons can be seen texture- mapped into the surface of the 3d structure that are only usually seen in the full resolution image when viewed offline. I’ve made the images as high resolution as possible for THE ART OF NO LIKES so they can be expanded when viewing on any device. Do check out the project for more images and further writing about the work. —–>

Or see more info about AOS and HERVISONS in previous post THE ART OF NO LIKES – (AOS) Arbyte on Screen curated by Hervisions

GENETIC MOO-Microworld @ Home [video out-takes]

16 06 2020//

GENTIC MOO are getting through Covid – 19 lockdown by creating weekly live You Tube broadcasts – MICROWORLD @ HOME, which incorporate a multi-camera setup, live improvisation and coding to evolve fascinating multi-layered digital ecosystems seeded from their blacked-out living room in Margate, England, UK.

Beginning with the first streaming 2 hour broadcast 2 May 2020, this week’s broadcast 13 June 2020 LIFE AND DEATH ON THE SUGARSCAPE was inspired by a chapter from Joshua M. Epstein & Robert Axtell’s book Growing Artificial Societies.

Each week artists are invited to add out-take clips into the mix so I’m delighted that a few of my own appeared during this week’s broadcast and also upcoming Saturday 20 June 2020 entitled THE WORLD, THE FLESH AND THE DEVIL . TUNE IN EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON 2PM – 4PM GMT HERE

Continuing adventures in digital ecosystems live from Margate. This week we explore life and death on the sugarscape, including creative coding chaos on the grid, collaborative mashups and Genetic Moo’s ever-expanding virtual menagerie. Every Sat 2-4pm. Participating artists: Sean Clark, Julia Schauerman, Simon Rae, Ed Kelly, Sandra Crisp, Jonathan Armour

Genetic Moo

THE ART OF NO LIKES – (AOS) Arbyte on Screen curated by Hervisions

11 06 2020//

COMING VERY SOON, SUMMER 2020: Very pleased to be invited ART OF NO LIKES project curated by Zaiba Jabbar HERVISIONS as part of ARBYTE ON SCREEN (AOS) Arbyte Gallery, London.

The project will include PERPETUAL BROWSE_R and PERPETUAL BROWSE_R_2 videos plus a selection of images from recent DATASCAPE series, and some new zoom images that show hidden detail not usually visible when work is viewed on a phone or monitor screen. The work will be exhibited AOS/ Hervisions area of Artbyte gallery website and is in-progress right now, I will post the launch date on the NEWS section of this website so do check back soon!

About AOS

AOS is a platform dedicated to artist videos, multimedia experiences and curatorial interventions utilising digital formats. AOS invites web-based artists, digital artists and curators from around the world to experiment with new forms of creating, curating and presenting art online. 

The artists and curators of AOS present past projects, work-in-progress and new work; often addressing current trends and theoretical discussion in art, the work on AOS also branches into political, economic and social topics as a way of mapping a collective territory.’ Direction: Rebecca Edwards, Nimrod Vardi

The Art Of No Likes

Art of no likes, arbyte on screen, hervisions

‘The Art Of No Likes is an ongoing critical investigation into systems of curating and a reflection on the implications of standardisations within social media infrastructures that harvest, manifest and intertwine the production of exhibitions in time-based media. The project shines a critical gaze on the gatekeepers of these infrastructures and associated “economies of like” and related systems of value judgments inherent to capitalist social media platforms. Moving through industries and across interdisciplinary practices the The Art of No Likes offers up an analysis of the “economy of like” across communication formats, experience and environment.

During this online residency at Arebyte, HERVISIONS will present a shape shifting “in conversation” dialogue of shared narratives with artists and cultural practitioners in response to the provocation of The Art of No Likes. The results will be “exhibited” at Arebyte Gallery IRL next year 2021.

The top down, confined terms of engagement and rigid architecture of social networks stunts our communication ecologies. What falls through the cracks? As curators how can we open focus on the remediation and semantics of digital performance and the complexity of emerging cultural shifts, digital archeology, interdisciplinary practice and materiality of the protocol and standardisation of the “economy of likes” residing within the logic of digital audiences.

Conceived by curators Rachel Falconer and Zaiba Jabbar with assistance from Rebecca Edwards with an aim to bring discussions of fluid and unpredictable relationships. Over the coming 3 months expect newly commissioned work, performances and text-based outcomes. Stay tuned for more!

Zaiba Jabbar is an award winning director, independent curator and founder of HERVISIONS (est. 2015). With over a decade of experience in the film and media sectors, her curatorial practice is an investigation into how people in the margins are using technology to create art outside of traditional contexts and making space for themselves in the digital environment. Jabbar was curator in residence at LUX in (2018) and is a board member of Abandon Normal Devices.

HERVISIONS is a femme-focused curatorial agency facilitating online and offline experiences and collaborations with partners to research and produce innovative commissions, exhibitions and events working across new and emergent technologies and platforms with a strong focus on the intersection of art, technology and culture. Previous exhibitions and partners include, Art Night, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, i-D x Chanel, Boiler Room, LN-CC, BFI, Gossamer Fog, The London College of Fashion, isthisit?, Mira Festival, LOOM Festival and Google Arts and Culture.’

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Sneak peek – next up as part of The Art of No likes artist Sandra Crisp @sandra_crisp will be sharing unique iterations of their projects DATA_SCAPE and perpetual browse_r & perpetual browse_r_2 during the HERVISIONS @hervisions_ residency. ⠀ ⠀ Their work uses borrowed visuals downloaded from the Net which are reworked over time – Using a process of sampling/recycling/drawing and layering the diverse elements of media images, text/graphics, video screen-casts, and camera-phone photos etc. different open-source/ free and proprietary software in experimental ways. Recent practice includes video, 3d visuals, GIFs, code-based work and and printed digital output onto various media. Always working within a minimal set of digital tools in ways that critique the software or contradict its intended purpose/function. Serendipity offered by the medium is also pivotal and inspired by the alchemy of previous lithography and etching practice in the area of fine art printmaking. ⠀ ⠀ “The Art of No Likes” takes the form of an “in conversation” with a series of cultural practitioners as an evolving sketchbook of responses. The research-based project is an ongoing investigation and a reflection on the implications of the inherent standardisations within systems that harvest, manifest and entwine in-time based media.⠀ ⠀ #arebyte #aos #onlineresidency #digitalart #digitalcommunity #hervisions #brennamurphy #feminist #femme #loop #newmedia #newmediaartists #movingimage #theartofnolikes #artandtechnology #speculativeevolution #femme

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ADAF Athens Digital Art Festival

11 06 2020//

Good news, perpetual browse_r_2 has been selected for ADAF 16th edition | TECHNOTRIBALISM in Greece, many thanks to video art curator Eirini Olympiou . During global lockdown, the festival will be held online until the current situation prohibiting all large events and gatherings is eased.


The 16th international festival for digital arts of Greece, Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF), the pioneer longest living institution dedicated to digital culture in the country (est.2005), will be implemented also ONLINE, introducing a new digital institution. 

Since the new era is here, the international festival for digital arts in Greece, Athens Digital Arts Festival has decided that its 16th edition titled Technotribalism, will be presented also online. One exclusively online edition, the first one in Greece, titled ADAF ONLINE | Technotribalism, will take place from the 10 of July till 10 of September and will be accessible to everyone through the internet.

ADAF ONLINE, evolving this year’s thematology “Technotribalism”, will host pieces from  Video Art, Animation, VR (360 video), Performances, Web Art, Games, Digital Image, talks, workshops, ADAF Kids for Children & their Parents, and Festivals of the world. 

More than 5,500 art proposals from more than 100 countries around the world will be the source for the ADAF 2020 program selection.

With the festival theme “Technotribalism”, more evident than ever in the COVID era, where every biometric and every scientific piece of data is a of vital importance as well as every digital footprint feeds the hunger of social distancing, the Festival with it’s thematic seeks to promote collectivity and openness towards knowledge, art, science as fundamental pillars upon we shall built our new data driven world.

In addition ADAF, always seeking physical contact with the public, has found the way to connect with safety the physical and the digital space, with the aid of cutting edge technology.

Stay tuned to learn how you will live the phygital ADAF experience in Athens.

Because we are the Technotribal generation!

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08 05 2020//

New Blender 3D image Data_scape-CV19 for ISOLATION – The London Group online exhibition during Covid-19 lockdown May 2020. Kindly curated and organised by Darren Nissbet LG.

Please see previous post for more info or use this link to view the exhibition, online until June 12th 2020:

‘My work often interacts with whatever is happening in 24/7 rolling news media. For this new image, Internet searches using keywords *Covid-19* and *Coronovirus* resulted in random visuals including; multiple styles of protective face masks; spikey, predatory-looking magnified virus structures; PPI; infographic curves & bar charts. Which are all used as displacement modifiers in Blender 3D to form ambiguous, complex structures/ textures as a continuation of recent DATA_SCAPE series of images’


05 05 2020//

During lockdown, I have a new Blender 3D image in this new online The London Group exhibition ISOLATION

Do visit, there are many different artworks in diverse media in an online virtual gallery format, online until June 12th 2020.

Isolation and solitude are words that most visual artists will relate to, they work alone in a studio, a shed or at home so the prospect of enforced isolation may seem like the perfect time to make art.
At the moment things are different though! It’s not just isolation or social distancing, the entire fabric of society has been ripped apart before our eyes.

This exhibition shows how The London Group artists are reacting to the current social and world climate

Featuring work from 51 members in all mediums. Take a walk, wall by wall through digital renditions of colour, movement, form and texture.

In The Dark 2020 : EVEN DARKER- Installation view

Jan 12 2020//

In the Dark 2020 : Even Darker

A group show in January with London Group members and friends including the Computer Arts Society, The Lumen Prize and Flux Events. (please see previous post for more details)

The Cello Factory, 9th – Sat Jan 2020 , 33-34 Cornwall Road, London, SE1 8TJ

Below is a quick installation pic of my projection onto black fabric in the exhibition space. As an experimental event, it was a great opportunity to try out new ways of presenting my on-screen images in a real-world space.

Sandra Crisp: Data_scape_141q
Digital 3D image projected onto heavyweight black cotton
(photo credit: Sumi Perera)
Video walk through of the exhibition

In The Dark 2020 : EVEN DARKER

Jan 06 2020//

Inspired by the popularity of last year’s exhibition In The Dark Jan 2019, The Cello Factory, Waterloo The London Group are hosting an even darker sequel this January 8th – 11th In The Dark : EVEN DARKER

I will be projecting a large-scale and recent 3D image onto black fabric which will be installed in the exhibition space.

The London Group are hosting an Even Darker sequel combining members’ work with artists from Flux Events and the Computer Arts Society (CAS). This will be a four day experimental show in a blacked out Cello Factory with talks and performance curated by The London Group. As before, the one stipulation is that the artworks either generate their own light or can be projected onto. This simple rule means all the works interlink and the whole group exhibition becomes a foreboding installation filling all surfaces of this unique space.

In the Dark 2020 : Even Darker
A group show in January with London Group members and friends including the Computer Arts Society, The Lumen Prize and Flux Events.

Thur 9th – Sat 11th Jan 2020
2-6pm daily Free
The Cello Factory
33-34 Cornwall Road, London, SE1 8TJ

PV 6-8.30pm, Wed 8th Jan including Bad Choreography performances by Stephen Carley
Artist Talks 6-7.30pm, Sat 11th Jan
followed by a performance collaboration between Blanc Sceol and Victoria Rance.


The London Group:
Moich Abrahams, Clive Burton, Stephen Carley, Peter Clossick, Sandra Crisp, Angela Eames, Eric Fong, Cadi Froehlich, Genetic Moo, Vaughan Grylls, Susan Haire, Aude Hérail Jäger, Judith Jones, Jockel Liess, Amanda Loomes, Mocksim, Darren Nisbett, Sumi Perera, Victoria Rance, David Redfern, Tommy Seaward, Almuth Tebbenhoff, Paul Tecklenberg, David Theobald, Tisna Westerhof, Erika Winstone, Carol Wyss

Jonathan Armour, Chirag Jindal, Ann Grimm

FLUX Events:
Maria Almena, Oliver Gingrich, Aphra Shemza

Paul Brown, Sean Clark, Ernest Edmonds, Andy Lomas

The London Group Open 2019 PART II

Nov 18 2019//

A new digital print by Sandra entitled VERTITECTURE fake_news_mix will be exhibited in The London Group Open 2019 PART II

4 – 14 December

Private View: 3 December

Artist Talks: 13 December

The UK’s longest-running and most prestigious artists’ co-operative, The London Group, is delighted to announce both the member and the selected exhibitors for its 84th open exhibition. The London Group Open 2019 offers a wonderful opportunity for emerging and established artists to raise their profile, win cash prizes, and exhibit their work alongside the Group’s esteemed members. No commission will be charged on any works sold during the 2019 exhibition in line with the Group’s commitment to give artists ‘a boost in a tough career, thereby nurturing and supporting the development of the art of the future’. (Susan Haire, President).


The WRONG Bienalle

Nov 01 2019//

Really pleased to have ‘perpetual browse_r_2’ video inlcuded in THE WRONG biennale, in USER PREFERENCES pavillion curated by maria cynkier, artists include: laurene bois-mariage, isabel bonafé, james bryant, timothy cape, sandra crisp, milena edelstein pinheiro, kio griffith, zander porter, leslie tucker, tina willgren.

‘what’s the wrong’s mission?
to create, promote and push positive forward-thinking contemporary digital art to a wider audience through a biennial event that gathers a vast selection of curated artworks, embracing the artists, curators and institutions of today’s exciting digital culture global scene

where does the wrong happen?
the wrong happens both online, offline and beyond the online happens in pavilions; virtual curated spaces in any accessible online media where selected artworks are exhibited the offline happens in embassies; institutions, art spaces, galleries and artist run spaces in cities around the world’

Simultan Festival 2019

Nov 11 2019//

Really pleased to be selected with ‘perpetual browser_2’ for one of my favourite festivals Simultan 2019 – ‘Will There Be a Time When it Will Not be’
8—10 NOVEMBER 2019

“The world we know and understand now will no longer exist in the near future. Although the speed of change fueled by science and technology is remarkable, it often goes unnoticed, because the deepest structural changes happen almost imperceptibly and quickly become norms. We have entered a period of instability, many of our assumptions and certainties are blown up. Every day, our expectations and forecasts are reversed.”